Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Success" is energy in the most organized state of vibration.

"Success" is energy in the most organized state of vibration.
Start working towards your "Success"in any area of your life

Last couple of days I had some rejuvenating conversations with a sweet friend of mine.Probably this subject will help many others find their purpose in life.
How do we define success?
Success Is finding the circumstances necessary for advancing in the diction of our goals but most important if we can't find them we go out and create the circumstances we need.
Success is getting things done.
Success is energy, a certain group of thought that form an idea.
Success is energy in the most organized state of vibration that motivates people to take action - Positive or Negative action depending on our environment,our knowledge or our ability to direct ourselves in life.
Tomorrow we can debate what does it take to start working towards being "Successful".
Please bring on your challenge.

Hope to find you reading here tomorrow.
Have a blessed and Successful day.
From the bottom of my hearth.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One of the most important factors in your "Success"is your environment

One of the most important factors in your success is your environment, the people you surround yourself with.
What is it that motivates people to do the things they do, to say the things they say and to achieve the things they achieve?
Our genetic structure makes up a lot of what we believe and a lot of what we are but not near as important as our environment
The outside world is the predominant influence of what we are or what we become.
Most people make this decision unconsciously.
Successful people make this choice consciously, they choose the people they associate with, they chose their friends carefully.
Now when it comes to family it's a little harder. But as my mentor very often said "Just don't go so often and don't stay too long".
Do you choose the people you surround yourself with?
You see "Success" is energy in the most organized state of vibration.
So , your home work starting today make a conscious decision to surround yourself with successful people.
Have questions challenge me....
Talk to you soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Do we need to change our habits?No, if we want to be in the same place 20 years from now.

Do we need to change our habits?

No, if we want to be in the same place 20 years from now.
Just being comfortable in life is a bad spot.
Lets be honest, to advance in life we have to change some of our most cherished beliefs and habits.
Habits are things we do automatically without giving them any conscious thought.
Most people tip-toe trough life hoping they are gonna make it safely to death!!!
Think about it please! This is not a practice run. It's not like we just need to learn how to do it perfectly and then we can come back and do it. No,no,no..... THIS IS IT FOLKS. We only have one shot at it.
So be opened minded,learn something new everyday,change some of your not so good habits and beliefs, TAKE RISKS (that's what keeps us alive). Do not follow the "Herd", be you and do what you love the most,be with people you love and surround yourself with positive people.
Change one habit you think doesn't serve you today and please let me know about it.
Hope to meet you here again.

Leave a message if you like what you hear. Or challenge me with your thought provoking questions.

Have a successful day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doing the same thing and EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS-You have the power to decide where you will be 1,5,10 years from now

Do you know that the smallest change in Attitude will change the direction of your life dramatically?
Changed Attitude = Changed RESULTS

One clear sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.
What is attitude anyways?
Very simply said ATTITUDE is the composite of Thought, Feeling and Action.
First and most important to understand is that we think in pictures!
Think of something and a picture of that particular thing flashes on the screen of your mind(in front of your eyes).
As Human beings we have the ability to choose our thoughts. We can think negative thoughts, that will keep our body in a negative vibration or we can bring positive pictures on the screen of our mind and set our body in POSITIVE vibration. It's up to US.
So to take this further when We think Positive we set our body in a positive vibration(we feel positive) so the Actions we take that day are Positive.

``Thought of The Day``- as soon as you feel you are in a negative vibration bring all kind of positive pictures to your mind and I promise your RESULTS THAT DAY will be positive. I challenge you to try for today.
Next time we`ll talk about habits and beliefs.

May only good thing happen to you today.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We have to know that we will achieve our goals!!!

"Do you realize that your life at this very moment is the result of everything that you have ever thought, done, believed or felt up until now? You can start right now to consciously and deliberately attract whatever you desire in this lifetime."Jack Canfield

We have to know that we will achieve our goals!!!
How can we do that? Knowledge!
We must study, learn about ourselves, learn something new every single day, we must give ourselves task and achieve them everyday.

Very Important: Please read the next phrase a few times.
One very important part of the puzzle is to surround yourself with successful people,goal achievers.
Form a MASTERMIND GROUP. The people you surround yourself with are more important to your success than your genetics.

Talk to you soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

“I refuse to participate in The Recession”

You don’t have to buy into everything you hear.
Media is programing us 24/7 with lack and limitation, with...why things can't be done in this economy,etc.We can choose to create our own economy.
Opportunity can be found even when the economy seems to be sliding, we are empowered with our own thought process our own conscious awareness to do, be and have what we want in life.
We have the power to switch our thinking around and come up with creative ideas.
When you are excited and have good energy, believe in yourself people are attracted to you because you are a bright bulb.
First step - as soon as you wake up start thinking about something positive,something that makes you smile,start your day by being grateful for everything positive that happened in your life yesterday.
Next time time will talk about our marvellous mind.
Have a phenomenal day, you have the power to do so.