Monday, October 26, 2009

Reprogram your Mind.Are you creating good habits?

Reprogram your Mind....Are you creating good habits?

No major change in Results will happen until you do some work on UR self Image.

Our Mind is being programed since the day we were born and because we only get the ability to reason at the age of 7 we accept all information trough our 5 senses (see,smell,hear,taste and touch).

The sad part is that even after we have the ability to reason at this point we reason based on what our programing is.
But as adults we develop an understanding of our behaviour(why we do the things we do) and trough repetition we can create new habits,beliefs,we can change our conditioning.
Our Mind operates in an orderly manner, by Law.
Any thought repeatedly impressed on your subconscious Mind will become habit.
Once thoughts become habit they will continue to express themselves until you replace them.

So, give this a little thought....
For the next 2 days direct your attention at the importance of the type of thoughts and ideas you allow to occupy your Mind.

Awarness is the first step in changing any habits...

Please share your thoughts...

Friday, October 23, 2009

You tell your Subconscious Mind a lie often enough it will believe it

You tell your Subconscious Mind a lie often enough it will believe it....

As we talked about it in previous posts MIND is an Activity it is NOT that Grey matter - and we can find it in every cell of our being.

This part of you is the most Magnificent.
This is the Power Centre.

Every thought your Conscious Mind chooses to accept, this part must accept - your Subconscious Mind has no power to REJECT.

This part operates "BY LAW"
This part of you expressed itself trough you, in feelings and actions.

And the 'Good' or could be the 'Scary" part about it comes now....

Any thought that we repeatedly choose to impress upon the Subconscious Mind becomes FIXED in this part of your personality.

THIS IS WHAT WE CALL A HABIT (Fixed Ideas) - and it be comes automatic - you are not giving it any thought any longer, and it will remain so until it is consciously 'REPLACED'

This is the REASON why we keep doing the same things over and over again therefore we keep getting the same results over and over again.
This is the God -like part of you known as SPIRIT and it knows NO LIMIT.

What have you been telling yours?

Please give me your point of view about Sub Conscious Mind and lets compare what we know.
Looking forward to learning from you.
Also if you feel I can help bring some clarity to your Mind and have any questions please feel free to ask.
Have a successful week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

All Limitation is Originated in The Conscious Mind and it Controls our RESULTS

Goal Achieving - Habit Changing Series

To achieve any Major Goals in life we need to understand how Our Marvellous Mind work.
Next step....

All Limitation is Originated in The Conscious Mind and it controls our RESULTS

There are 2 parts to the MIND:

- The Conscious Mind
- The Subconscious Mind

Today will be talking about the Conscious Mind -
So let me explain how our Conscious Mind works...

This is the part of you that Thinks, Reasons - your free will lies here.
As matter of fact this is the part of your Mind that you use to analyze the information I'm giving you right now.
This is the part of your Mind you use to accept or reject any new ideas.
Important to hear here that you have the power to choose what you accept as reality, you have the power to select from Ideas and information you hear around you at any time.
No person or circumstance can cause you to think about Ideas or thought that you do not choose.
The thought you choose eventually determine the RESULTS in your life (In any area of life).
All pleasure or pain is Originated in your Conscious Mind or accepted uncritically from an outside source.

Please share your experience below.
Sending good your Way

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just like every Corporation has a corporate Image - every person has a Self Image(What they think they can achieve)

Every person has an Image in their Mind.

Just like every Corporation has a corporate Image - every person has a Self Image(What they think they can achieve)
Dr. Maxwell Maltz said:
"We act,behave and feel according to what we consider our SELF IMAGE to be and we do not deviate from this pattern"
What is SELF IMAGE anyway?

Self Image is the result of Ideas about you that were planted in your Subconscious other people....before you had the ability to think for yourself.It doesn't sound fare does it?

So again,each person has an Image in their Mind.As an example lets say this person is a sales person.Lets suppose this person sells $1.000.000 worth of insurance every year.

Do you know that any Company can tell you what their sales force is going to sell at the beginning of the year.
If they have a contest for writing so much business - do you know that they can book the seats on the plain at the beginning of the year.
And why is that?

It is because people very rarely deviate from the their set objective. If the Self Image picks up any deviation from the set objective - sends a signal to the nervous system and the person will start behaving the same way they did for their entire life.

This is the reason why we can not OUTPERFORM OUR SELF IMAGE!...
The sales person is just an example but it applies the same way to a student or any person on this planet in any area of life..

Only trough understanding and studying SELF major/lasting changes can be achieved.
This is the reason why motivation only lasts a short period of time,it is understanding of why we do what we do and everyday studying SELF is what will help you get MAJOR CHANGES IN YOUR RESULTS.
Do you know that our SELF IMAGE sets the boundaries in EVERY AREA OF OUR LIFE.

Dr. Maltz also said:
"The Image You hold of yourself is a premise,a base or a foundation upon which your entire personality is built.This Image not only control your behaviour it controls your circumstances as well"

A person who makes $60.000/year they don't make $60.000 because they want that, they make that because they are not aware of how to make $250.000, and it is not because that is their Potential. Our Potential is limitless

That's why studying self is so important- we will not achieve greater result in life until we understand how our Mind works.

Our Mind has two parts:

1. Conscious Mind
2. Subconscious Mind

To better understand how to control and direct our Mind we must have a deep understanding of how it works.Will take it one little step at the time in the next few weeks.

So, don't be disappointed with yourself if you set all kinds of Goals and you never achieve them.I mean you've been acting the way you do/you have the Habits and Beliefs you do since the day you were born.We can't just change that over night.Deep changes must happen for us to act different.And it starts with awareness, and you are doing just that.Be proud of yourself for realizing that there is something you can do to change the things you don't like.

Sending good energy your way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To get better RESULTS in life we must change the Picture we hold on the Screen of our Mind...

To get better RESULTS in life we must change the Picture we hold on the Screen of our Mind...

So, what do I mean by this?

Maybe you never thought about this but we really think in pictures.

If I ask you to think of your house - a pic. of your house flashes on the screen of your Mind, now if I ask you to think of your car - the pic. of your car is gone and a pic. of your car flashes on the screen of your mind and the pic. of your house is gone. Right?

Why did I bring this up?

See, the pictures we hold on the screen of our Mind will influence the way we feel (vibration we are in) and that will influence the way we act - and automatically will reflect in our RESULTS.

Attitude is a composite of : Thought,Feeling and Action = RESULTS ( in all area of lifebusiness,personal,health)

Formulated a little different - In order for you to get great RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE you have to take ACTION from a POSITIVE FEELING

Nothing good can come out when we ACT from a NEGATIVE Vibration(Negative Attitude) we agree on this?

I have learned and have been practicing to IMMEDIATELY CHANGE my Attitude(feeling,vibration) if I consider it is a coming from a negative thought(picture).
Try it. I promise your RESULTS will immediately improve.
Ex:Be polite and nice to someone - they'll have no choice but to do the same in return you'll see...

So, our home work starting today is to notice our negative thoughts.....
Tomorrow will talk about how to replace them...

May you all have a very successful day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't know what your Purpose is..You'll never achieve your Goals.

Don't know what your Purpose is..You'll never achieve your Goals.

Do you have a definite purpose that guides your ambitions, vision, and goals? Something that will keep you going?
Because if you don't we we have to work on that.

So, let's start from the very beginning....
Before we can achieve any major Goal in life we have to have a Purpose do we agree on this?

If you fail to determine your definite purpose, everything else is wrong.

It is just like playing hokey without a net.

Without your Purpose identified firmly in your mind,you will just wander through life,you'll just go in circles.

So what is Purpose anyway?

Purpose gives meaning to WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.
Why we do what we do?

It’s time to sit down and have a serious truth session with yourself.
First thing we need to analyze is what do we believe about ourselves?

Do we entertain ANY negatives about ourselves, past or present,real or imagined.
You know negative images have been crowding our minds since our
first week on this planet.

Even our first school papers were marked in red slashes when we were “wrong.” That red mark drew our entire conscious attention...
We were "Wrong"....

Once we’ve found our purpose, how do we express it?
By creating and maintaining a vision.
Vision is what you do with your life.
Vision is the strategy behind the fulfillment of your purpose. You accomplish this strategy by creating several short-term goals to keep you on course....

Our home work for today:

Write down what do you believe about yourself and decide what is your Purpose.

Looking forward to your comments.
Have a phenomenal day everyone

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Habit Changing Series - How to choose a Goal?

Habit Changing Series - How to choose a Goal?

It is always exciting to start a new Project,to start working toward a new Goal and even more exciting when there's new clarity,new tools to work with isn't it?

When we get to try something slightly different the anticipation is different because we ...
know that approaching something the same way over and over again will give us the same results,yet when we change some of the ingredients for sure some of our Results are going to be different.

So, when choosing a goal what do you think are the most important things to pay attention to?

Well, there are a few things we need to work around.

Most important of all I would say would be our Beliefs,our Paradigms.

And by that I mean what do we think we can achieve( or what is our level of awareness) - this has lots to do with our self Image and the barriers we and our loved ones place around ourselves.

Self Image = If you were raised with praises chances are you are very confident,if everything you ever did wrong was pointed out to you chances are that you are not.

Also very important I would say would be good old "FEAR" - and you probably are thinking...I'm not afraid.... well just think fear of failure and most people duck(what will people say if I try and I fail? Or even worse WHAT WILL I BELIEVE ABOUT MYSELF IF I FAIL?

Choose a goal that is big enough to be a stretch (because we need to get excited about achieving this new goal) but is not too big so it's too much of a stretch for your Mind.... that will stop you in your tracks before you even start and you'll come up with the best excuses why you can't possibly work toward your or tomorrow, etc.

Now,there are 2 kinds of goals: Emotional Goals and Logical Goals.

Emotional Goals - these are the kind of goals we are going to work hard toward.

Logical Goals - I say to sales people that choose Logical Goals-"You are gonna to raise skinny kids"


If someones Goal is- to lose 2o Lb.- now how exciting is that???? people think diet,starving themselves,running for 1 h. everyday etc. ....who do you think is going to look forward to that?

Yet, if we formulate the Goal something like this -Goal - to be fit by December 25 when I'm going on a 2 week hiking trip in the Alps with my friends - now that is more something to look forward to.

In other words our Goal needs to be something worth failing for.....something we get emotionally involved with.

In a later post I'll talk to you about how we need to have our Goals in the present tense.

Something else that would make a huge difference if you achieve your Goal or not,would be to ask for advise, but not from your neighbour or your mom but from experts.

Look at this scenario - You would like to get in shape but you didn't work out in 15 years and January is here - so you grab your gym bag get there and you are intimidated by the big steroid head guy and you have no idea how to use the machines or what exercises to do/ what amount of wight to use. So you make the wise decision to start with 1 h. running on the Treadmill or even if you insist on doing a workout with weights but you have no idea of the intensity of a bagginess work out - what is going to happen?

1. You are going to be very,very,very sore the next day - so you don't want to work out anymore

2. Embarrassed because you have no idea how to use the machines or other excuses....

This is the reason why by Jan. 15 the GYM is empty..

Other Example: Your current Income is $75.000/year now to set a Goal for your next months income to be $1.000.000 that is a big jump.

Most people s Conscious Mind will have a hard time accepting this new Income we know that right?

But don't worry will have a great understanding how our Conscious Mind works by the end of this Project.

We'll pick it up from here in our next post. There is so much to learn about Habits,Beliefs,Goals that we have something to learn for the rest of our lives and that is the idea - never stop to learn and grow.

Please feel free to ask any related questions would be my pleasure to give you my point of view and also please give us your examples or your point of view so everybody can learn something new.

If you would like a little help formulating your Goal please send me an e-mail and pls. let me know you sent me one

Looking forward to your comments and success.


Friday, October 2, 2009

One Month Goal Achieving Steps-Create a new Habit.

One Month Goal Achieving Steps-Create a new Habit or replace an Old one.

As I was preparing for my Blog post series on Habit Changing/Creating I thought that I could help you more if we actually all choose a goal and we apply all the knowledge,all the information I will be sharing with you for the next month towards achieving our GOAL...

What do you think about that?

I was thinking...I'm giving you all this great content but I don't give you the tools and show you how to use them, it's like I'm doing a half job.

Just like that saying"Give the man a fish and you feed him today..."

So let's do it together.

I think everyone would benefit so much more from the new knowledge if we learn how to apply it together. Working as a team is much more powerful than working alone.

You know in business or in any area of life nothing worthwhile ever happens with one person acting alone.It always takes a team effort.

So, we can all choose a Goal, including me It's my Birth Day-Month so I have a special Goal in Mind.

If you would like to share with us what your Goal is great,if you just want to join the Challenge that is great too, would love to have you here, the more good creative energy together the better.

I'm thinking to create some videos as well and some other little surprises to make it more fun and more educative.

In my next Blog post I will talk about how to choose a goal that is big enough to be a stretch (because we need to get excited about achieving this new goal) but is not too big so it's too much of a stretch for your Mind.... that will stop you in your tracks and you'll come up with the best excuses why you can't possibly work toward your or tomorrow, etc.

Here to help you with your excuses...and please just give me the excuses you would like to keep.
I'll help you with the rest...

So think about a goal you would like to work toward and post your name bellow or if you are shy for now just start and you can give us your name latter if you'd like.

Same with the Goal you choose to achieve, you can tell about it now or latter or just do it anyway it would be my pleasure to guide you.

Sending love your way everyone.

I'm so excited about this new Goal Achieving Challenge and learning how to create new Habits.