Monday, October 26, 2009

Reprogram your Mind.Are you creating good habits?

Reprogram your Mind....Are you creating good habits?

No major change in Results will happen until you do some work on UR self Image.

Our Mind is being programed since the day we were born and because we only get the ability to reason at the age of 7 we accept all information trough our 5 senses (see,smell,hear,taste and touch).

The sad part is that even after we have the ability to reason at this point we reason based on what our programing is.
But as adults we develop an understanding of our behaviour(why we do the things we do) and trough repetition we can create new habits,beliefs,we can change our conditioning.
Our Mind operates in an orderly manner, by Law.
Any thought repeatedly impressed on your subconscious Mind will become habit.
Once thoughts become habit they will continue to express themselves until you replace them.

So, give this a little thought....
For the next 2 days direct your attention at the importance of the type of thoughts and ideas you allow to occupy your Mind.

Awarness is the first step in changing any habits...

Please share your thoughts...


  1. Lorena,

    Great post! Interesting that as children we simply "accept" the messages! As adults we must take frequent inventory of those thoughts and ideas. I am taking the 2-day challenge, to capture and REPLACE the notions that are holding me back. You inspire me daily!

  2. Lorena,

    Your post is spot on! I couldn't agree more.

    It occurred to me just before the end of the year (2009) that developing intentional behaviours and thoughts come from consistently "reviewing" or assessing our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual and physical states.

    We live our days getting stuff done (or not done) without a thorough reflection of how we're feeling and how we can (and should) sustain or change it. This is self-reflection at its best and I felt that I didn’t do enough of it!

    Since I am a fan of measurement, I decided to embark on a 52-week journey to become more aware of my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states. I am enjoying the insights so far! I also decided to share the journey with others who could benefit.

    Feel free to join me here: