Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just like every Corporation has a corporate Image - every person has a Self Image(What they think they can achieve)

Every person has an Image in their Mind.

Just like every Corporation has a corporate Image - every person has a Self Image(What they think they can achieve)
Dr. Maxwell Maltz said:
"We act,behave and feel according to what we consider our SELF IMAGE to be and we do not deviate from this pattern"
What is SELF IMAGE anyway?

Self Image is the result of Ideas about you that were planted in your Subconscious other people....before you had the ability to think for yourself.It doesn't sound fare does it?

So again,each person has an Image in their Mind.As an example lets say this person is a sales person.Lets suppose this person sells $1.000.000 worth of insurance every year.

Do you know that any Company can tell you what their sales force is going to sell at the beginning of the year.
If they have a contest for writing so much business - do you know that they can book the seats on the plain at the beginning of the year.
And why is that?

It is because people very rarely deviate from the their set objective. If the Self Image picks up any deviation from the set objective - sends a signal to the nervous system and the person will start behaving the same way they did for their entire life.

This is the reason why we can not OUTPERFORM OUR SELF IMAGE!...
The sales person is just an example but it applies the same way to a student or any person on this planet in any area of life..

Only trough understanding and studying SELF major/lasting changes can be achieved.
This is the reason why motivation only lasts a short period of time,it is understanding of why we do what we do and everyday studying SELF is what will help you get MAJOR CHANGES IN YOUR RESULTS.
Do you know that our SELF IMAGE sets the boundaries in EVERY AREA OF OUR LIFE.

Dr. Maltz also said:
"The Image You hold of yourself is a premise,a base or a foundation upon which your entire personality is built.This Image not only control your behaviour it controls your circumstances as well"

A person who makes $60.000/year they don't make $60.000 because they want that, they make that because they are not aware of how to make $250.000, and it is not because that is their Potential. Our Potential is limitless

That's why studying self is so important- we will not achieve greater result in life until we understand how our Mind works.

Our Mind has two parts:

1. Conscious Mind
2. Subconscious Mind

To better understand how to control and direct our Mind we must have a deep understanding of how it works.Will take it one little step at the time in the next few weeks.

So, don't be disappointed with yourself if you set all kinds of Goals and you never achieve them.I mean you've been acting the way you do/you have the Habits and Beliefs you do since the day you were born.We can't just change that over night.Deep changes must happen for us to act different.And it starts with awareness, and you are doing just that.Be proud of yourself for realizing that there is something you can do to change the things you don't like.

Sending good energy your way.

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