Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ask better questions. Train yourself to be the sculptor of your moods

Ask better questions. Train yourself to be the sculptor of your moods...

My mentor Bob Proctor would say - If you ask yourself the wrong questions you will always get the wrong answers.....

Have been thinking....you know, there are enough people using the "Holiday excuse" for taking steps toward their Goals for the next 2 weeks.
Already decided that instead of asking myself if I should continue taking the same steps toward my Project during the Holidays the question to ask is "What should I wear today for my appointment with the General Manager @?....."Oh, did I say appointment? Don't have one I just stop by to tell them about my Project.
The answer to that question was - It is easier for them to just say "NO" on the phone than in person.....and that answer is "I know that my FORTE is who I am as human being" so if they look me in the eyes they can read that very well,but they can't necessarily do the same before they say no on the phone...Right?
The moral is .....we all need to ask ourselves empowering questions, questions that will help us take our next steps from a positive feeling about ourselves by doing that we bring beautiful pictures on the screen of our MIND therefore we set our body in positive vibration,consequently actions will be based on that positive vibration and our RESULTS will be based on that as well....

You see, we think in pictures - If I ask you to think of your home - a picture of your home flashes on the screen of your Mind, if I ask you to think of your car the pic. of your home is gone and a pic. of your car flashes on the screen of your Mind....and we can decide what kind of pictures we bring on the screen of our Mind - we can bring pic. of lack and limitation or pic. or success and victory.

(There are a few Post prior to this where I explain in detail how we can control the way we feel.)

We take actions based on our ATTITUDE...(based on how we feel that day).....

What is Attitude anyways?


I other words the Results we are getting are based on our thoughts (The Pictures we bring on the screen of our Mind) - what kind of pic. do you bring on the screen of your Mind?

Start your New Year 2010 by creating the HABIT of using positive pic. about yourself - your RESULTS depend on your PICTURE.....

That takes us to a couple of very interesting subjects - SELF IMAGE and HABITS - will dissect those in our next Posts....

How do you sculpt your Moods?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Change your Results you have to bang your head in a different wall

Starting now to study and understand SELF(Self Image) can help YOU make better decisions and commit to Goals that YOU will achieve in 2010.
Here are some STEPS to take now for a successful 2010 - "Create New Habits – Improve Results" in any area of life.

There are reasons why we keep getting the same Results over and over again even if we make a New Promise every year to loose weight,to be healthier,to start our own business or to improve our relationships.

The reasons are HABITS,CONDITIONING,BELIEFS and the truth is that regardless of how many promises, amendments we make it will not make a difference if the same Law-Breaker is to keep them.

To Change your Results you have to bang your head in a different wall...

In other words if we keep doing the same things will always get the same results, but in order to change our results we need to understand where we are and who we are.

Today let's talk a little about knowing where you are....

A personal Evaluation

Rate yourself in the following areas:

Personal Image
You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Personal Evaluation
Dig deep into your feelings and find out what your ATTITUDES are.

Know where you are
On a scale of one to ten,how committed are you to your business?

Personal Improvement
What are you presently doing to improve your ability to sell whatever you are selling?

Your environment
Your environment can have a tremendous effect on your income.

If you have any questions related to our post please feel to ask / and if you have something to add to the list of things to improve for better results I would love to hear about them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The amount of money you will earn will always be in exact ratio to:

The difference between a career and a job is a mission.

When you change your thoughts you'll change your results,when you change the picture you hold on the screen of your Mind your results will change....

As we all know people who are successful in their lives are in love with what they do.They are on a "Mission".

The Law of Compensation:
The amount of money you will earn will always be in exact ratio to....

1. The need for what you do
2. Your ability to do it

3. The difficulty there will be to replace you

The first part of this law generally takes care of itself.There is always need for what we do - very rare occasions that the person has to leave the field they are in presently to earn the money they want.

So today lets dissect part 2 of the Law of Compensation...

Your ability to do it - Mastering this part of the law will raise your Results faster and higher that any other factor.

Self development should be on our agenda as one of the first things we do, we need to make that a daily habit.

And practice,practice,practice (makes perfect)....another important habit to create...

We don't have to sell to everyone but we have to tell everyone what we do.. so practice - place your dog on the chair and explain what you do/practice your presentation they are good listeners....

1. How effective are you at selling your product or service?

Rate yourself in the following areas:


Selling skills

Management of time

Team player



Let's compare notes tomorrow....

and then will get into - Knowing where You are -

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Focusing on your achievements to create new Self Image and Beliefs...

Focusing on your achievements to create new Self Image and Beliefs...

Life should always be a learning experience...and as a passionate coach I must take it even further to better help the people I coach.

So what do I mean by that? One of my habits - as a coach is to always analyze daily self growth experiences and be able to translate that to clients so they can better apply the given information - (personal examples make great points).

Here's one of my recent ones..While doing a Presentation "Achieving your Goal by Creating New Habits" to a group of sales people a question came my way...sounded somewhat like this: What did you learn while approaching Car Dealerships as your New Project?

Well, I have to say learned a great deal about myself and my old belief that "I was not the greatest sales person in the World...."

So my very exited voice said ...I learned how to demonstrate to my "Self Image" that "I am a great sales person" and let me give you my way of reasoning with my Old Belief so you can do the same and apply it toward achieving your Goals in any area of life.

My entire life this little voice inside was whispering...you Lorena sales person? ha,ha,ha
you don't know how to sell....and of course being easier to believe the little voice than to get out of "Comfort Zone" we agree with the little voice...I mean really it was true for so many years why would it be different today right?
Then all of the sudden something changed and it was that day.....
What Changed?Well....my Attitude to begin with and then using my ability to Reason started looking at my strengths instead of looking at my(imaginary) weakness....and guess what I discovered?
I discovered that I could use my passion (to coach) people until a New Belief/New Habit is created....

Would you like to know what the little voice is proudly whispering today? ha....Lorena you are a good coach and you have the ability to direct any conversation in the direction you want it to go.... isn't that one of the qualities a good sales person has???? And over night I became a good sales person(in my own Mind)...
What are your beliefs about yourself that you focus on whenever you feel fear? Are you reminding yourself about all your achievements or your failures?

Starting today create a Habit of remembering all your Victories and remind your Self Image what a successful person you are over and over again....

Share your experience with us so we can all learn and grow.....