Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ask better questions. Train yourself to be the sculptor of your moods

Ask better questions. Train yourself to be the sculptor of your moods...

My mentor Bob Proctor would say - If you ask yourself the wrong questions you will always get the wrong answers.....

Have been thinking....you know, there are enough people using the "Holiday excuse" for taking steps toward their Goals for the next 2 weeks.
Already decided that instead of asking myself if I should continue taking the same steps toward my Project during the Holidays the question to ask is "What should I wear today for my appointment with the General Manager @?....."Oh, did I say appointment? Don't have one I just stop by to tell them about my Project.
The answer to that question was - It is easier for them to just say "NO" on the phone than in person.....and that answer is "I know that my FORTE is who I am as human being" so if they look me in the eyes they can read that very well,but they can't necessarily do the same before they say no on the phone...Right?
The moral is .....we all need to ask ourselves empowering questions, questions that will help us take our next steps from a positive feeling about ourselves by doing that we bring beautiful pictures on the screen of our MIND therefore we set our body in positive vibration,consequently actions will be based on that positive vibration and our RESULTS will be based on that as well....

You see, we think in pictures - If I ask you to think of your home - a picture of your home flashes on the screen of your Mind, if I ask you to think of your car the pic. of your home is gone and a pic. of your car flashes on the screen of your Mind....and we can decide what kind of pictures we bring on the screen of our Mind - we can bring pic. of lack and limitation or pic. or success and victory.

(There are a few Post prior to this where I explain in detail how we can control the way we feel.)

We take actions based on our ATTITUDE...(based on how we feel that day).....

What is Attitude anyways?


I other words the Results we are getting are based on our thoughts (The Pictures we bring on the screen of our Mind) - what kind of pic. do you bring on the screen of your Mind?

Start your New Year 2010 by creating the HABIT of using positive pic. about yourself - your RESULTS depend on your PICTURE.....

That takes us to a couple of very interesting subjects - SELF IMAGE and HABITS - will dissect those in our next Posts....

How do you sculpt your Moods?


  1. A great ques for me was just posted by Mark Sanborn on twitter and then I saw this wonderful post about ques so I will share; its "am I inventing things to avoid the important?" I have had a habit of that which I am working to change.

  2. Yea thats true, Im a programmer, sometimes i late to find a solution for a problem, cause i cant express very well (im from mexico, so my english is not well),or formulate my problem to other people. So i figure out 2 things, so i used to get sad cause people did want to help me, but whit the time i realize that people could not help me cause they did not understand what was really my problem, and other thing, some time the answer was in front of me, but i was upset or in a hurry that i could not see it..
    PD: Your tweets always gets me up

  3. A wonderful post and very much what I plan to do in the new year. I have been studying the Law of Attraction and the importance of creating the positive vibrations to create your new reality. Kudos to you. Your post found me at just the right time!