Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Body is the instrument of the MIND

Body is the instrument of the MIND

Today, I would like to make 2 very powerful points.,so I'll keep the post short and I'll invite you to read it a few times. This two points are vitally important to your success.

I would like to point out that reading something and understanding something are two very different activities.Do we agree on that?

We only understand something when we can explain it to someone else so they can understand it.

Do you know that the better you understand yourself the better your results are going to get?

So take the lid off your Marvelous Mind....

Mind is an activity it is not that gray matter....and we can find it in every cell of our being...

So Mind is an activity and Body is the manifestation of that activity.

So to create success we need to develop an image and place the image in our Mind.

Tell you a little secret...everything we need is already here it is just a matter of learning how to use it.

The main difference between real achievers and non achievers is "HABIT" therefore pretty Important to learn about best way to create,change and keep the new "Habits" by understanding more about our marvelous Mind.

And another most important aspect in your success would be ENVIRONMENT, the people you surround yourself with are more important to your success or well being than what is built right into your genes at birth.

Whenever you do something or take advise from make sure that the people you talk to, you surround yourself with are successful.

If we think about it we talk and behave just like the people we spend most time with....have you thought about that?

You could choose this to be your first home work - start surrounding yourself with successful people.

Next post will learn about our Conscious Mind in the process of Habit creating.
Sending lots of positive energy your way.

If you have any questions please ask and it would be my pleasure to give you my point of view.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Change a Habit by Controlling Your Mind....

Change a Habit by Controlling Your Mind

I think a lot of people understand the importance of Habits in our life and how they relate to our success in any area of life.
But I don't know how many people know enough about one of the key parts /most important parts in the process of Changing /Creating a new Habit.

I'm talking about our Mind....

Do you know that Mind is an activity it is not that grey matter...(A lot of people when I ask if they know what Mind is think about the brain)....

Mind is activity not a thing......

The type of thoughts and ideas which occupy your consciousness is of Paramount importance in developing Prosperity in your life.

Your Mind is either in an orderly or a confused state.
Order must prevail in your Mind if you ever hope to see it manifest in your material world.

There are two parts to the Mind.

1. Is our Conscious Mind

2. Is our Sub-conscious Mind

You'll see how fascinating it is to have a clear understanding of how each of then play a major role in our life...and most important how we can direct and control our Mind and therefor the direction we take in our life once we understand about this power....

In our next post will talk about our Conscious Mind in more detail.

So excited to share this information with you.

What do you know about the mind?
Please ask any questions you might have related to Habit Changing or the Mind so we can look at it from different points of view and have a better understanding of how we can make our way faster towards where we are going in life.
Have a Phenomenal day everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why do you get the same RESULT?You forgot to shake your Paradigm.....

Why do you get the same RESULT? Maybe because You forgot to shake your Paradigm.....

So what are paradigms anyway?

I mean how are we going to shake them if we don't know what they are right?

Paradigms are a multitude of Habits.
And the scary part is...that they are other people's Habits....that we inherited from our family,friends and authority figures in our life...

....and they are the reason we keep getting the same RESULTS in life because we get results in every area of our life right? We get results in our health,business,relationships etc. so it is kind of important to really understand what they are.

My mentor Bob Proctor has a very good explanation to how we act when it comes to Results.

He would say: "The clearest sign of insanity is when we keep doing the same thing and we expect different Results"

Isn't that the truth?

How many times we end up in the same argument with a loved one 2,3...10 years later?
Why does that happen?

Well, maybe because we don't change our approach to how we interact with that person and we always get stuck in the same place, just like the week before. Don't you think so?

Same thing applies to being more successful in our business....if we don't change our approach how are we going to get different results???

There's lots to talk about on this subject so we can continue in next post.

To change our Results we need to have a clear understanding of things - It is not an easy thing to do.I mean most of us need help with that.

To be more specific even a coach needs a coach....otherwise who is going to challenge my beliefs?
How am I going to grow if I don't start to do things differently?

Would really appreciate your thoughts.
Let's learn from each other.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What to do with our Old Habits?

What to do with our Old Habits?

If they are giving us great results obviously we need to keep them,but if they just take us in circles we definitely need to change them...Make sens doesn't it?Yes, it does but not that simple.Most people need help with that.

First we need to ask ourselves if our good old habits/belief still serve us, and the only way we can get a good answer to this question is if we have a written Purpose,Vision,Goals so we actually know where we are going.

How are we going to get there if we don't know where we are going right?

I was asked today: So how do you decide what new habit you want to create?

Very important, we got to ask ourselves the right questions...

If we ask ourselves the wrong questions we will always get the wrong answers.

  • Where am I going in life?(What do I want to achieve?)
  • What is the one habit I can add/change today that will take me toward my Purpose faster?
  • What is the one thing that I don't feel good about and just sits on my shoulders?

Example:Couple of years ago I realized I was doing exactly what I used to hate my mother doing...nagging people I loved (we copy our parents behaviour and we call it a HABIT)

Wasn't giving me great results aider....

So recognized I was doing it - Made a conscious decision I wanted to change that - It was hard work at first to just mind my own business but trough repetition I changed/created a new HABIT.

Obviously this was one example but we can apply the same method to anything in life,to our business,our health,relationships etc.

Repetition is the key to changing any Habit.

We created our old Habits trough repetition they become automatic, and the same way we create new ones.

What New Habit did you create?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What do Randy Gage's eyes say?

What do Randy Gage's eyes say?Oh...lots....

I wouldn't mind going to one of his presentation every weekend,what an experience.If you do have a chance to listen to Randy do not miss the opportunity!

Just back from a phenomenal workshop in Florida with Randy Gage..Workshop on Social Media and in my case also refining my speaking skills(lots to learn from one of my favorite people).
One of the things I like about the man and I'm working myself on polishing for my platform speaking is ability to make great points with humor and fun sarcasm(being born in Transylvania I appreciate and relate to his sarcasm probably even more than most people) in my opinion one gets a lesson in prosperity,self awareness,self image with every phrase.

I think Randy's approach works so well because people like to learn but they don't like to be taught....

My Mind has been analyzing every part of the 3 hours......Quite a few lessons I learned I have to say, and I'll share some of them with you.

So, "The Man" walked in, and you knew he did....actually you felt he did.He brought with himself the energy that totalled and surpassed the energy of all the people in the room (I'm very much a feel people's energy kind of person)then once he walked in the very next thing I noticed ware his eyes.One of his powerful assets are definitely his eyes....of course he has plenty others but you meet his eyes first.

If you have ever been to a presentation by the"Jedi Knight" for sure you have learned that everything he said he confirmed with the intensity in his eyes and backed it up with the wisdom that resides behind them.

So,what did I read in Randy's eyes that I think every entrepreneur or leader needs to know?

First word that comes to mind to describe Randy's eyes is "SINCERITY" a lot of honesty and warmth in this man's eyes and I believe that is the foundation to becoming a great Leader.
If you are a Leader of a team YOU HAVE TO KNOW that the people you are leading are afraid (everybody is afraid of something) and communicating trust and helping them believe in themselves is essential for your business and it all starts in YOUR eyes....

Randy looks at you with his heart and soul there's no room for doubt and even more than that I felt his willingness to be vulnerable so he can help everyone around him feel comfortable and open minded.

I promise you only a great human being will allow himself to be vulnerable so he can help other people grow at a deeper level.It does require a special person....and that he is.

So what do you see in Randy's eyes?

Cary Grant once said : I acted like Cary Grant for so long I became him....

Please share what did you see in Randy's behaviour that you think is worth copying?Or what did you hear him say he does that is worth doing and you know it will shorten our road to success in any area of our life?
I can't stress enough how important it is to copy behaviour of successful people.To do what they do.

And just because you stoped by I'll give you one more piece of the Randy Gage's puzzle that I KNOW is worth applying to your life and that will get you to wherever you are going much sooner and that is....DISCIPLINE.

P.S. Randy this is my way of thanking you for a wonderful experience.My respect toward you grew exponentially.....And how does that go again?Mad love to you or something like that??

Would love to hear about your Randy Gage experience.

May only good come your way.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is the best day to stop the noise in our head and start taking control of how we use our MIND.

Do your thoughts hurt or help you?

Today is the best day to stop the noise in our head and start taking control of how we use our MIND.

As my mentor Bob Proctor very often affirms:

2% of people think

3% of people think they think and

95% of people would rather die than think

Most people only think when they are in a life and death situation and use their mind the rest of the time only to go back in the past and remember what happened "then".... and that would not be such a bad thing either if they would go back and remember all their accomplishments all the times they were victorious.

When we use our mind to remember all our failures and every bad memory we had since the day we were born and how that mean person "made us feel" last week all we do is hurt ourselves over and over again,we deepen our fears and most important we chip at our Self Image(not even talking about how we hurt the people around us).

Nothing creative could come out of using our Mind in this manner.

Turning the information we have in our mind around and around can not be called thinking.

Taking control of our thoughts and coming up with a Purpose,Vision,Goals for our life is how thinking begins.

How are you using your mind?What are your thoughts?Is your mind controlling you or vice-versa?

Would be good to give it some serious thought for the next few days. Your results in every area of your life will remain the same for many years to come if you don't take control of your thoughts and start directing them toward where you want to go in life.

Next post will talk about first step to control and direct our thinking.

Have a phenomenal day beautiful people