Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Body is the instrument of the MIND

Body is the instrument of the MIND

Today, I would like to make 2 very powerful points.,so I'll keep the post short and I'll invite you to read it a few times. This two points are vitally important to your success.

I would like to point out that reading something and understanding something are two very different activities.Do we agree on that?

We only understand something when we can explain it to someone else so they can understand it.

Do you know that the better you understand yourself the better your results are going to get?

So take the lid off your Marvelous Mind....

Mind is an activity it is not that gray matter....and we can find it in every cell of our being...

So Mind is an activity and Body is the manifestation of that activity.

So to create success we need to develop an image and place the image in our Mind.

Tell you a little secret...everything we need is already here it is just a matter of learning how to use it.

The main difference between real achievers and non achievers is "HABIT" therefore pretty Important to learn about best way to create,change and keep the new "Habits" by understanding more about our marvelous Mind.

And another most important aspect in your success would be ENVIRONMENT, the people you surround yourself with are more important to your success or well being than what is built right into your genes at birth.

Whenever you do something or take advise from make sure that the people you talk to, you surround yourself with are successful.

If we think about it we talk and behave just like the people we spend most time with....have you thought about that?

You could choose this to be your first home work - start surrounding yourself with successful people.

Next post will learn about our Conscious Mind in the process of Habit creating.
Sending lots of positive energy your way.

If you have any questions please ask and it would be my pleasure to give you my point of view.


  1. You're brilliant and uplifting Lorena! I love your articles.

  2. Good points Lorena. I have found the most amazing people on line for me this past year and am surrounded and upported by them for many things.
    At my placeof work they cannot possibly relate to it or to what I am doing and learnin that i no longer really share it with them. Theya re happ where theyare and are not seeking change.
    I say this to underline the gift of possibilitywe have in our ahnds becasue of this virtual world. We can really surround ourselves with the absolute best.
    Looks like you have a great blog on the go. First time I have seen it.

  3. i need to know adt how to make my mind free of very scared person abt death ....always i imagine abt bad things and get tensed plz suggest me to do sumthing to my mind...