Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is the best day to stop the noise in our head and start taking control of how we use our MIND.

Do your thoughts hurt or help you?

Today is the best day to stop the noise in our head and start taking control of how we use our MIND.

As my mentor Bob Proctor very often affirms:

2% of people think

3% of people think they think and

95% of people would rather die than think

Most people only think when they are in a life and death situation and use their mind the rest of the time only to go back in the past and remember what happened "then".... and that would not be such a bad thing either if they would go back and remember all their accomplishments all the times they were victorious.

When we use our mind to remember all our failures and every bad memory we had since the day we were born and how that mean person "made us feel" last week all we do is hurt ourselves over and over again,we deepen our fears and most important we chip at our Self Image(not even talking about how we hurt the people around us).

Nothing creative could come out of using our Mind in this manner.

Turning the information we have in our mind around and around can not be called thinking.

Taking control of our thoughts and coming up with a Purpose,Vision,Goals for our life is how thinking begins.

How are you using your mind?What are your thoughts?Is your mind controlling you or vice-versa?

Would be good to give it some serious thought for the next few days. Your results in every area of your life will remain the same for many years to come if you don't take control of your thoughts and start directing them toward where you want to go in life.

Next post will talk about first step to control and direct our thinking.

Have a phenomenal day beautiful people


  1. I love it. Just the idea if differentiating between activity in our minds and thought. thank you for sharing!

  2. I've recently had some discouraging situations with some business associates. I so appreciate your post and will be working on my focus!

  3. This post is so spot on. I have always been a person who is for most of the time very focused but latey with so many distractions going on around me I now find that at times I am struggling to stay focused. I thank you for sharing this post and look forward to your next post.