Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Mr. X " is suppressing our Results.

"Mr. X" is suppressing our Results.

How we can talk ourselves out of our own winning Attitude?

How can we be wining in one area of life and loosing in another area and think that it works in some area of life and that it doesn't in another?

The Laws of this Universe are so precise we can send a space ship to the moon and we can time the landing with a precision of a fraction of a second.

These Laws work every single time in every situation in every area of life.

So what is this Power that stops us from reaching towards our Purpose, Vision, Goals?

This Power is called Paradigms or Conditioning or "Mr. X" as we will refer to it and it is very easy to get caught up in the trap.

"Mr. X " is controlling your thinking - and that is the reason why when you are not going in the direction you want in life, you think you're justified in doing what you are doing -you feel perfectly justified.

So, "Mr. X" is in control - this is so Insidious and it becomes clear/very obvious why so very few people win in every business in, every Industry - right now there are people wining hands down when almost everybody else is loosing ~ there are people right now that are doing very well in Real Estate - this down in business as we read everywhere has not effected them - in fact they start to look at it as a plus - because they start to notice that everyone started to quit so there is no competition.

But we can change that - all we need is understanding, awareness and willingness to do it.

You are making a Big Mistake if you are underestimating the Power of "Mr.X"

In our next post we'll take it a little deeper in How "Mr. X" was formed & why we have the Conditioning we have.

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