Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How does your MIND control YOU,your ACTIONS and RESULTS?

How does your MIND control YOU,your ACTIONS and RESULTS?

You see every Action we take is based on how we feel....

The vibration we are in causes us to FEEL the way we feel and that starts with the thoughts we entertain.

If our thought are negative,we are in a negative vibration,we don't feel very good therefore our ACTIONS can only be based on Negative feelings...How do you think your RESULTS will be?

On the other hand if your thoughts are POSITIVE,you Feel and ACT POSITIVE and your Results ...you give me the answer.

Our thoughts are based on the pictures we bring on the screen of OUR MIND.
And how do we do that?
Find out in my next post.

Wishing you a Phenomenal day.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Most people do not know they do more harm that good when they speak....

Do I achieve my goal when I speak?Do I make a difference?

Listening to people interact,more and more got to the understanding that most people do not know they do more harm that good when having a conversation...That goes both for business relationships and Personal.

How to begin? Well first step before you open your mouth ask yourself : What do I want to achieve by having this conversation?What is my goal?

Do I want to make a difference?

Do I want to make a good point and have the person in front of me interact with me a little different next time around?

Or do I just want to be an ass,hurt the person in front of me,make them feel worse than they did before the conversation and me just spit out whatever was bothering me(and ad some spice by bringing some of my previous anger into this conversation as well).......

We can always choose...

Do you know there is one major difference between human beings and animals?

And the difference is that us human beings we have the ability to choose,the ability to direct ourselves in life,the ability to think....

There is a nice saying that I really like... The only thing that separates us from the other animals is OUR MIND everything else you can find in a Pig or a Horse....
YOU SEE - Our BODY is an instrument of our MIND...

Do you direct and control your MIND?
Because IF YOU ARE NOT IT CONTROLS YOU... and most important it controls YOUR ACTIONS and therefore YOUR RESULTS....
Interesting....do you think so too?

Will get into it deeper in couple of days...

All the best to you