Monday, April 6, 2009

TEST: Feel good about yourself?

One of my friends and client made a very powerful point today... it's still resonating in my ears.

"People have a hard time forgiving until they feel good about themselves"

You know, depression is anger turn inwards. People get upset with someone else and they suppress that anger.

Many people walk around with a stamp collection.What do I mean by that?You know some people have a mental notebook and they keep track of all the wrong that has ever been done to them...

But the people that get ahead in life are the people that learn a lesson from every circumstance(Lesson on WHAT TO or what NOT TO DO) and keep going.

The only person that we hurt by not letting go of our anger is ourselves.

How does anger manifest? Could be depression for example, you know what depression is?Is ANGER turn inward. People get angry at someone else and they suppress the anger.

Nothing good comes out of holding on to anger....

How do you deal with yours?
Letting go of anger and all the wrong that was done to you from the day you were born and focusing on all the good things,all the successes and the achievements you had in life will take you in a completely different direction in life 1,2,3...5-10 years from now.
Being in that kind of vibration can only attract to you more of the same.......
This phrase is so important I'll say it again:
The only person that we hurt by not letting go of our anger is ourselves.
Till next time monitor your thoughts...
Let me know if there is a way I can support you, it will be my pleasure.
May only good things happen to you.

Love it or not leave a comment please....