Thursday, May 27, 2010

Change your RESULTS by conquering self .....

Change your RESULTS by conquering self ..... 

                 In my previous post "How can I change everybody else?"  I talked to you about being on a fascinating journey in the last two months. Have been growing as a human being in the last 2 months more than ever before, and believe me I have never seen people around me "Change so much".... LOL

                 Today I will share with you one of the phrases that I live by and please read it carefully multiple times it is very powerful: 

  • There is NOTHING on the OUTSIDE OF YOU that can ever help you or hurt you - it is what's on the INSIDE that counts.

                 So, where do I begin?

                Let's take the word "RESULTS" because this is what we get in every area of our life - professionally, in our relationships, our health, wealth etc. we get RESULTS right?

               Thoughts ---> Feelings ---> Actions  =  RESULTS

               What do I mean by this?

               We think certain thoughts, this causes us to feel a certain way, causes us to ACT a certain way -- and gives us the RESULTS we are getting.   Pretty cool  explanation right?

                Any aware person would like to better their RESULTS ( in some or in all areas of Life)..... and if this is you please write the next phrase down and start testing it:

               "To change MY RESULTS, first I have to change MY THOUGHTS, which then will change my FEELINGS and ACTIONS"

                Please share your thoughts below and we will pick it up here in our next post.

P.S. Fascinating, one of my favorite people on this Planet @Randy_Gage   wrote a Blog post  on the same topic "Are you taking responsibility for your marriage, friendships and other relationships? Or are you playing the blame game about your partner?" 

You don't want to miss his Blog Posts - He is AMAZING. 






Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How can I change everybody else?

How can I change everybody else? 

Life and human beings are so fascinating! So is self development.


                 Have been on a fascinating journey lately and I will share my experiences with you, maybe  you have tested this to some aspect of your life, be that business or family and would like to share with us as well.         

Couple of months ago some very powerful words hit me straight in the head,.again .... and this time I was ready to hear them with different ears. 

                 "The people around us are like mirrors to us"-  that implies that we can change the image in the  mirror and we are in complete control of it and my friends let me tell you that is about the only thing that we can control in life, our own attitude.

                   My definition of  ATTITUDE = Composite of   THOUGHT + FEELING + ACTION

                   How we respond to every situation, to what people say or do is of Paramount importance when it comes to the RESULTS we get in all areas of life. 

                 Before we go any further would like to talk to you about something that I had a big misconception about for many years and because us human beings are very similar what I'm about to say might bring clarity to your Mind as it did to mine.

- Nobody can do anything to us without our consent, what  do I mean by that?

                   Nobody can MAKE US SAD, OR MAD, nobody can UPSET US -   WE HAVE TO DO ALL THAT TO OURSELVES.

Please give this some serious thought, understanding this helped me immensely.

                  We do the things we do in life, some things better others not so good, not because we are bad people but because of our Programing our Conditioning since the day we were born.

                   We copy and do everything we see and hear from authority figures in our liefs as we grow up(our teachers, parents, grand parents, etc.)

So, my way of doing things is no better nor worse than yours.... IT JUST IS.

           In other words when we think something like : " How can she,he do this to me? He hurt me so bad!  The truth is nobody did anything to me it is simply my conditioning,my programing versus somebody else' s. 

           Important : When we talk to another person we don't talk to the person we are talking to their CONDITIONING, PROGRAMING, to their BELIEF SYSTEM and it's not what people say that will make a difference in our lives but how we respond to it.

           Lots to think about, lots to analyze and this process will take time, we form Habits and Beliefs over an extended period of time, forming new ones or replacing some of the Old ones that don't serve us any longer will also take some time and effort, be patient with yourself. 

So, how can I change everybody else?

Give this some thought and please share with us your take on this.

Will pick it up here in the next post.

I believe that understanding and guiding self  is a very important part of life and have been doing that for the last 4 years on regular basis - everyday a dose of self development and it feels so good to be able to guide the mind (our vibration) in our daily actions. How about you?