Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to shift from survival mode to growth mode.

How to shift from survival mode to growth mode.

Thinking is the highest function we are capable of - wherever we are there is an energy flowing into our consciousness - and that energy has no form we give it form - and we have the ability to choose if that form is positive or negative. And that's what thinking is.
Thinking is bringing form from nothing. It's putting it into something. Building a picture- an Idea.

We do not have to accept what IS coming at us from the outside - so when the information comes in we stop and think about it - ask ourselves - Is this information going to serve me? If it doesn't we can reject it.

With the Conscious Mind - using our Reasoning factor we can think about all the information coming from outside / we have the ability to reject Ideas from the outside - and do not have to buy into the Idea that we're going to have a tough time.

Do you know that Our Sub-Conscious Mind can not reject any idea - and it can not differentiate between what is real and what is imagined - it must accept everything we give to it - we can use our Intellect to make better choices for ourselves - If we are going to use our Intellect we should use it for something constructive - and if we're going to get Emotionally involved - we should get emotionally involved with the Image / Idea that we Originate - and we WANT.

Do not allow your environment or CNN choose for you.

Call for Action: Take this week and start choosing the Ideas that you get emotionally involved with. Do not allow your environment to dictate how you feel.

Let me know if you have any questions on this subject. Would be my pleasure to answer them.
Live like you mean it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Change others...not at all. Conform...not at all.

Change others...not at all. Conform...not at all

Loving yourself a little more today than yesterday, and a little more tomorrow than today really is the most wonderful Journey, the Journey of personal growth, the Journey of Success in all areas of Life.
Loving Self allows us to walk around radiating inner peace,allows us to understand and love others in their uniqueness.
So, The Journey of becoming an effective leader for example begins with understanding self, loving self and leading self.
Unfortunately we have this habit of trying to change others instead of changing our own attitude.....How's that working for you? LOL.

Of course not very well.Focus on yourself, your attitudes and behaviour, focus on your relationship between you and yourself, will help you so much more.
As leaders we encourage and inspire change and growth, but others will choose to take part in a change driven environment or not based on our ability to motivate them.
An effective leader's job is to send people in a New Direction, towards a New Vision and that requires courage, understanding, motivation and trust.
I believe part of becoming an effective leader is knowing who we are and especially in this fast developing, leading edge environment Self Development is becoming a necessity.
Do you know who you are? Do you understand yourself?

Please share your thoughts.