Monday, September 28, 2009

Change a Habit by Controlling Your Mind....

Change a Habit by Controlling Your Mind

I think a lot of people understand the importance of Habits in our life and how they relate to our success in any area of life.
But I don't know how many people know enough about one of the key parts /most important parts in the process of Changing /Creating a new Habit.

I'm talking about our Mind....

Do you know that Mind is an activity it is not that grey matter...(A lot of people when I ask if they know what Mind is think about the brain)....

Mind is activity not a thing......

The type of thoughts and ideas which occupy your consciousness is of Paramount importance in developing Prosperity in your life.

Your Mind is either in an orderly or a confused state.
Order must prevail in your Mind if you ever hope to see it manifest in your material world.

There are two parts to the Mind.

1. Is our Conscious Mind

2. Is our Sub-conscious Mind

You'll see how fascinating it is to have a clear understanding of how each of then play a major role in our life...and most important how we can direct and control our Mind and therefor the direction we take in our life once we understand about this power....

In our next post will talk about our Conscious Mind in more detail.

So excited to share this information with you.

What do you know about the mind?
Please ask any questions you might have related to Habit Changing or the Mind so we can look at it from different points of view and have a better understanding of how we can make our way faster towards where we are going in life.
Have a Phenomenal day everyone.


  1. Lorena,

    Especially enjoyed your post today. You've made powerful points that I struggle with repeatedly.

    For me, knowing doesn't mean growing, though. I need to be reminded and prodded often.


    Paul Sutherland
    aka: @BreakThruGuy

  2. Love it! The difference between Mind and brain. That's so true!

  3. GRT! post Lorena, intentions and
    using affirmations
    keeps me in check
    well... working,
    on keeping me
    in check


  4. A valuable post and it much helpfull to all.Thanks a lot for your post.

    Karim - Positive thinking