Friday, October 2, 2009

One Month Goal Achieving Steps-Create a new Habit.

One Month Goal Achieving Steps-Create a new Habit or replace an Old one.

As I was preparing for my Blog post series on Habit Changing/Creating I thought that I could help you more if we actually all choose a goal and we apply all the knowledge,all the information I will be sharing with you for the next month towards achieving our GOAL...

What do you think about that?

I was thinking...I'm giving you all this great content but I don't give you the tools and show you how to use them, it's like I'm doing a half job.

Just like that saying"Give the man a fish and you feed him today..."

So let's do it together.

I think everyone would benefit so much more from the new knowledge if we learn how to apply it together. Working as a team is much more powerful than working alone.

You know in business or in any area of life nothing worthwhile ever happens with one person acting alone.It always takes a team effort.

So, we can all choose a Goal, including me It's my Birth Day-Month so I have a special Goal in Mind.

If you would like to share with us what your Goal is great,if you just want to join the Challenge that is great too, would love to have you here, the more good creative energy together the better.

I'm thinking to create some videos as well and some other little surprises to make it more fun and more educative.

In my next Blog post I will talk about how to choose a goal that is big enough to be a stretch (because we need to get excited about achieving this new goal) but is not too big so it's too much of a stretch for your Mind.... that will stop you in your tracks and you'll come up with the best excuses why you can't possibly work toward your or tomorrow, etc.

Here to help you with your excuses...and please just give me the excuses you would like to keep.
I'll help you with the rest...

So think about a goal you would like to work toward and post your name bellow or if you are shy for now just start and you can give us your name latter if you'd like.

Same with the Goal you choose to achieve, you can tell about it now or latter or just do it anyway it would be my pleasure to guide you.

Sending love your way everyone.

I'm so excited about this new Goal Achieving Challenge and learning how to create new Habits.


  1. OK, I'm on board! But, I have so many goals, how will I know which one to pick?

  2. I am in, but I will be moving during October so I will need lots of encouragment to stay on task!

  3. Hello Liz and Coleen looking forward to start a little journey together.
    Please feel free to ask any related questions you might have - via e-mail,blog,Twitter.
    Sending good energy your way.

  4. This sounds wonderful. I'm not sure yet what my specific goal is to be, but I know it's in the realm of writing. Maybe I want to write every day for at least an hour. Our maybe I'd like to submit at least one short story and three poems for publication this month. Or maybe both....

    I write lots of poems, but I've not been so good at writing longer pieces (have considered several novels as well as non-fiction projects) as it's been hard for me to stay focused. Not sure if my lack of focus is due to some not-so-apparent fear or lack of discipline or maybe I've just not practiced enough to make focus a habit.

    So... I'm in.

    Thanks a million!