Friday, October 23, 2009

You tell your Subconscious Mind a lie often enough it will believe it

You tell your Subconscious Mind a lie often enough it will believe it....

As we talked about it in previous posts MIND is an Activity it is NOT that Grey matter - and we can find it in every cell of our being.

This part of you is the most Magnificent.
This is the Power Centre.

Every thought your Conscious Mind chooses to accept, this part must accept - your Subconscious Mind has no power to REJECT.

This part operates "BY LAW"
This part of you expressed itself trough you, in feelings and actions.

And the 'Good' or could be the 'Scary" part about it comes now....

Any thought that we repeatedly choose to impress upon the Subconscious Mind becomes FIXED in this part of your personality.

THIS IS WHAT WE CALL A HABIT (Fixed Ideas) - and it be comes automatic - you are not giving it any thought any longer, and it will remain so until it is consciously 'REPLACED'

This is the REASON why we keep doing the same things over and over again therefore we keep getting the same results over and over again.
This is the God -like part of you known as SPIRIT and it knows NO LIMIT.

What have you been telling yours?

Please give me your point of view about Sub Conscious Mind and lets compare what we know.
Looking forward to learning from you.
Also if you feel I can help bring some clarity to your Mind and have any questions please feel free to ask.
Have a successful week.


  1. Wonderful post, Lorena.

    Our habits create a boundary around us and we hardly know it until we start laughing at our own habits!! A fixed set of ideas rule out any new creative idea or energy! Thats what happens to one taken over by such habits!

    Sub conscious mind as we know is the 'mind' that is beyond our senses. We tend to keep 'sub conscious mind' as an answer to all inexplicable things that a 'conscious' mind does now and then.

    Then people will tell you that lucid dreaming, medication etc etc will let you control your sub conscious mind! Control is best suited for our 'conscious' mind. If someone can stop his mind ( devoid of thoughts) for a few minutes.. s/he is already half way towards absolute control over himself!

  2. I feel it's important to realize that what's called the "subconscious" and should more properly be called the Unconscious exists before the conscious ego-mind. The only way a conscious program of "instructing" the unconscious will work is if the unconscious agrees, since it can obviously "reject" anything told to it.
    If the unconscious agrees with what the conscious wants, we see the power of mind in its full sovereignty.

  3. And how do we get the unconscious to agree?