Thursday, January 7, 2010

There is no luck except where there is discipline

There is no luck except where there is discipline

The man responsible for all this @Randy_Gage (and if you are not following him yet consider you missed your next glass of watter)

Was thinking......... what a great way to stay creative,motivated and to constantly be reminded to improve yourself and your results. It's called TWITTER.
Well, I guess it's the way we choose to look at it as well. If it wasn't for Twitter I wouldn't be writing this Blog post right now,wouldn't be already in a very good energy and frame of mind (by 5 am) or be inspired to take more action towards my dreams everyday.

All that is true but "There is no luck except where there is discipline"....we have to take action.

Yesterday I got another "Do you believe in the Law of Attraction" question...Now you've got to be careful how you answer that so I said: which part of it do you refer to?.....The part where you just sit at home and watch "The Secret" 11 times? No I didn't say that....
But definitely the first thing that crossed my mind was :"Let's be real kids sitting at home and watching "The Secret" 11 time is not going to make you more successful" as my friend Randy Gage would say (watch this vid.)

So that brings us to... let's start a new Habit this year - let's take responsibility and use our mind to create new ideas and take ACTION on the idea in stead of asking ourselves if the idea is right or wrong, this is not a very efficient way to create new brain cells.

You know, just having information we collect from outside sources go on and on in your mind is not called thinking...thinking is when we come up with a plan(new ideas) and take action daily toward our Vision,Purpose,Goals.
How are you using your mind?

As my mentor Bob Proctor would say: 2% of.ppl. think, 3% of ppl. think they think and 95% of ppl would rather die than think.

Please leave your thoughts below.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Keep doing what you're doing.


  2. When I discovered that 'human being' is a survival machine I began testing the boundaries of my life in new and different ways. When I 'grokked' I am a soul that has a body [vs a body with a soul] there was a shift in my willingness to risk and push the envelope. If it ain't broke, break it. What you can break comes back stronger and what you can't break is worth building on.

    The Law of Attraction works when your word is law. When the gap between what I say I am going to do and what I do is zero the world/universe pays special attention. The longer my integrity stays at 100% the more the universe agrees and responds with what some call miracles.

    Mark Twain said "Luck is just one of God's many nicknames." When I hold myself accountable for what I say "Luck" rains on me constantly. When it stops I know where to look and who to be for the rain to appear again.

  3. The power we hold in our minds is extraordinary! It takes discipline to take a breath when feeling frustrated. It takes discipline to end a pity party after 5 minutes or so. It takes discipline to say out loud what you truly want in your life and your business!

    Glad to meet you through Twitter and look forward to chatting with you soon!

  4. I think I'm in that 2%. I sure hope so! Thanks for an inspiring and inspired post! <3

  5. Lorena - wise words! Change doesn't come unfortunately without hard yards, ebergy and dedication.

    Thanks for reminding us!


  6. Thank you Randy, Michael, Elli, Stevie and Dorothy for comments, really appreciate them.