Thursday, December 10, 2009

The amount of money you will earn will always be in exact ratio to:

The difference between a career and a job is a mission.

When you change your thoughts you'll change your results,when you change the picture you hold on the screen of your Mind your results will change....

As we all know people who are successful in their lives are in love with what they do.They are on a "Mission".

The Law of Compensation:
The amount of money you will earn will always be in exact ratio to....

1. The need for what you do
2. Your ability to do it

3. The difficulty there will be to replace you

The first part of this law generally takes care of itself.There is always need for what we do - very rare occasions that the person has to leave the field they are in presently to earn the money they want.

So today lets dissect part 2 of the Law of Compensation...

Your ability to do it - Mastering this part of the law will raise your Results faster and higher that any other factor.

Self development should be on our agenda as one of the first things we do, we need to make that a daily habit.

And practice,practice,practice (makes perfect)....another important habit to create...

We don't have to sell to everyone but we have to tell everyone what we do.. so practice - place your dog on the chair and explain what you do/practice your presentation they are good listeners....

1. How effective are you at selling your product or service?

Rate yourself in the following areas:


Selling skills

Management of time

Team player



Let's compare notes tomorrow....

and then will get into - Knowing where You are -

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