Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Intuition or ......Not? Intuition...Yes....

Today's Post I dedicate to my friend @BobBurg who brought up a very interesting Debate(Point)...(well him and @Randy_Gage two extraordinary human beings who are helping people develop and grow in awareness everyday)
Intuition or...Not? in his great Blog Post http://bit.ly/OMddj

To really make a good point a had to get into it deeper so this is more like a "Lunch or and Learn Presentation" than Blog post.

The Conscious Mind
We were all blessed with intellectual factors (OR MENTAL MUSCLES) and they are:

1. REASON - THINKING- the way we explain things to ourselves
2. WILL - Our power to focus on something
3. PERCEPTION - The way you see something, point of view
4. MEMORY - We can use our Memory to remember all Our Failures or all Our SUCCESSES
5. IMAGINATION - Napoleon Hill said: this is the most marvelous miraculous inconceivably powerful force that the World has ever known.

6. INTUITION-Our intuitive factor - It is what we feel about a person or a situation.
This is the part that picks up other peoples vibration,their feelings - the more we develop this faculty we can pick up on other ppl. feelings or what other people are thinking - most ppl. say one thing and think another, the more we develop it we can pick up their thoughts - we can eventually get to the point where you are not going to pay a lot of attention to the words people are using you are going to be more tuned in to what they mean by what they say or what they are thinking.

Did it ever happened to you that you walked into a room full of people and you thought .."I don't have a good feeling about this person.....?" that is Our INTUITION or let's say Have you ever entered a room and you felt the people in the room were talking about you.... ?that is INTUITION again.

Also very important to know that Intuition is like a mental muscle...so you cant train it,the more you use it the more you develop it.
I can tell you that it is fascinating to read between the lines and see where people are stuck and what Believes drives them....fascinating....This is one of the reasons i became a coach.

These Mental Faculties (Intellectual Factors) are in Our Conscious Mind they are our Creative Faculties as a matter of fact these are the Faculties that separate us from the rest of the Animal Kingdom.

In the Play " Secret of Freedom" Archibald M. said The only thing about a man that is a man is his Mind everything else you can find in a pig or a horse.
It is these Mental Faculties that give us Our creative Ability it is Our Mental Faculties that Build the image of Our Goal of wherever you want to go...this is why you can sit in a totally relaxed state and Build an Image of anything you want.

Next Paragraph I dedicate to one of my favorite people @Randy_Gage because I know he likes
Classical music Concerts.

Liberace rented a piano got all dressed up in Tuxedo and he sat and went trough an entire Concert and there wasn't a soul in the room with exception of himself. After each number he played he stood up and bowed to an imaginary audience. He understood the power of an Image,of Imagination and he built an Image and he lived as it was real and it did become REAL

Hope you enjoy.
There's lots to talk about on this subject.
If you have any questions would be my pleasure to give you my point of view.
Also would be interested to hear yours.

Sending good energy your way.


  1. Excellent, Lorena. You brought up some great points and explained them in a way that was very understandable to those of us who are not as well versed on the topic. Thank you very much! - Bob

  2. I love, love, this. Intuition..YES! The gift of discernment. Truly comes to those who use it daily. A Mental muscle that needs to be attended to "as" much as education. And as Bob Burg mentioned; your explaination is excellent. I wrote a blog that is on the same lines. Thank you very much for your message and the support with a most important topic.