Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gathering information will not make you more successful - APPLYING IT WILL..

Gathering information will not make you more successful - APPLYING IT WILL..

In the past few days I've been thinking how can I give back a little to the community that really is committed to help everyone grow in awareness but more important - this wonderful community #Leadfromwithin is the perfect place to begin to Move Out of Your Comfort Zone / form new Habits / challenge the "Status Quo" / take time to look at the steps / actions we take towards our Purpose / Vision / Goals from different perspectives.

This is all very nice but here is the part I would really encourage you to hear : gathering information will not make you more successful - APPLYING IT WILL..

Just like reading a book - the purpose is not to just finish the book but what did you learn? What new Ideas from the book will you apply to your Goal, to your life?

It's not what we know that will take us the Next Level Success, to Increased Performance, to better Relationships, to more Prosperity in our Life but - What we do with that what we know.

So, if you forgot about one of your Goals you chose at the beginning of the year :) (as New Year resolution) let's choose a Goal.

What is the Goal you will apply new learned Ideas from #Leadfromwithin to?

And more important (just what I ask my clients to do) - what New Habits will you commit to based on what you learn each week from #Ledfromwithin ?

Because you see very successful people make thing they don't like to do "Habits" (when something becomes a habit we don't have to think about doing it anymore it's automatic)

Call to Action:

1. Choose a Goal that you will apply learned information toward

2. Each week make 1 Idea you learn a "Habit"

Live life like you mean it and keep playing to win!

Lorena Heletea

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  1. Lorena,

    Love the post, a great call to action, those neurons that wire together fire together.

    Too easy to keep gathering, gathering, waiting for a day, a week a month, Oooops, then a year goes by, and what.

    You are so right, you need to make that goal, focus on your role and the procedures you need to follow to make them happen. Forming habits is like freeing up RAM memory, enabling better processing power within your own hard drive. Leadfromwithin is the intel chip that can make it all happen. Believe in yourself ignite the passion that is hidden within and achieve your goals.

    Thanks for the reminder, always need a ☞ in the right direction.