Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't just keep doing what you've been doing...You'll get the SAME RESULTS!

Don't just keep doing what you've been doing...You'll get the SAME RESULTS!

To get different RESULTS today than yesterday you'll have to bang your head in a different wall.
In other words if we approach what we do the same way over and over again we'll keep getting the SAME RESULTS as we did yesterday.

Best I can relate this to my childhood - thinking back my mom and I used to have the exact same arguments over and over again. Or looking at mom and dad they use to have the same discussions that would end with the same RESULTS every time.
I mean, for sure you know people in your family that 20, 30, 40 years later have the same arguments.

Now why is that? Well, if we don't change the way we approach any problem or conversation...guess what, the answer will be the same as yesterday.
It's called a HABIT, we are in the Habit of doing things. We don't give our actions any conscious thought any longer.

Habits are expressed automatically, once something passed our Conscious Mind and it's implanted in our Sub-conscious Mind it just keeps expressing itself until we make a conscious decision to change them.

This is the reason why Habits are not easy to Create or Change.
Well, most people are not even aware that they have the ability to change something in their life.
This is the reason why people make short lasting" NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS" - to lose weight, to start own business, to improve relationships, to improve sales(if they are in sales), etc...

A Habit that has been programed in Our Subconscious Mind since childhood takes awareness and REPETITION to Change.....It took us how long to create that Habit??? (10,20,30...years to create it) it's kind of silly to expect to wake up January 1 and expect to have brand new HABITS created over night.

But we have the Habit to allow ourselves to get disappointed over and over again because we don't make the commitment to and the investment in ourselves.

Self improvement should have same importance as eating or brushing our teeth....Well, not unless we are happy to get the same RESULTS in any area of our life.

As adults we can create the awareness that is required to improve anything in our life.

Sow where do we start?

In our last post we talked about our Intellectual factors and today we can start learning to change Habits by using other of our Intellectual factors.

WILL - We have the ability to hold one picture on the screen of our Mind to the exclusion of all else. This is our ability to concentrate.

MEMORY - We all have a perfect memory. We can improve it trough practice.
We can remember all our failure and focus on them or WE CAN REMEMBER ALL OUR SUCCESSES AND VICTORIES and focus on those.

These thoughts are from "The Goal Achiever" - my mentor Bob Proctor

So, if you would like to achieve different RESULTS in life you can only achieve them by creating NEW HABITS it doesn't happen any other way....
And it all happens in OUR MARVELOUS MIND ... because it is the mind that sets the body in action.

What Habits do you believe you need to Change or Create to achieve better(different) RESULTS in your life?

In what area of your life you feel you keep getting the same RESULTS and you know you need to change?

Time to change the wall you bang your head into...cuz you will...but failure is part of SUCCESS..

Home work for today: Write down 3 things that you know that if you start changing today your life will improve....

Share your thought with us bellow...

Lorena Heletea

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