Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It takes as much stress to be a success as it does to be a failure....

It takes as much stress to be a success as it does to be a failure....

Lets continu where we left it in our last post http://ow.ly/12W0k please read so you can benefit more from this post.

So, because as little kids we were programed to gather our information trough our physical factors they are like little antenna and are to: See ,Taste, Hear, Smell and Touch people listen to all the bad news on TV, listen to conversations around us exmpl.: why something can't be done - (please promise you will start to choose the people you surround yourself with) - people look at their current situation and take that as reality.

Well, it must be true right?

Well NO!

We can create our own reality regardless of current Results. We have infinite potential.We can achieve whatever we want in life.
You see the way we ACT (the things we do on regular basis) our beliefs and our habits or better said our ATTITUDE is what gives us the Results we are getting in life.


So, if we look at our RESULTS we Think a certain way, we Feel a certain way, we Act a certain way and those are the kind of Results we are going to keep getting because we believe that is what we can achive.

The MIND controls the Body.

What you think dictates your RESULTS.

The thoughts or images you consciously choose automatically IMPRESS upon your Sub-Consciuous and then move your body into action.

The actions with which you are involved, determine your RESULTS.

These thoughts are part of our "The Goal Achiever Program" http://ow.ly/12XnZ

So until our next post please start paying attention to the kind of images you choose to allow to your Sub-Conscious Mind... your Results and achieving your Goals depends on it.

There are better ways to collect information than trough our physical factors and that is trough our Intellectual Factors.

All together we were blessed with 6 Intellectual factors and today we will describe first two which are: REASON and INTUITION

REASON - This is our ability to think. It separates us from all other beings. We take thoughts, develop plans (take action) and create RESULTS.

INTUITION - This is our ability to pick up vibrations from other people or circumstances. This allows you to tap into vibrations, hunches and feelings.

Please leave a comment about your experiences so we can all learn from each other.

In our next Post will talk about PERCEPTION AND WILL and how we can use them toward achieving any Goal we set our Mind to achieve.

Until next time... great success
Lorena Heletea


  1. Great post thank you for the reminder that we are not our past experiences and can create change when we choose.

    A powerful lesson I learned at a workshop I attended said our results are the fruits of our thoughts and beliefs which are the roots.

    People spend too much times focused on results rather than looking at the true cause of the results which are the thoughts and beliefs they need to strengthen or change to truly get what they desire.

    Wishing you much Peace & prosperity,
    Dallas M Cyr

  2. Thank you for your comment Dallas. Our results are just the effect not the cause. Therefore we must look deep inside and disregard our current Results.