Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Never allow what hurts you, to damage you ....

Never allow what hurts you, to damage you ....

Very true...hard thing to do! is the answer I hear the most.

You know, growing in awareness, learning about self, understanding self and guiding self in life are some of the few things in life we have complete control over.
Our Attitude will shape our life(5,10,15 years from now) and our Results in all areas of life - and we can shape that little by little everyday.

How I approach something that hurt me? To make a better point will give you an example.

Just yesterday while reading a Great Blog post by @Randy_Gage "Protecting Yourself from Crazy People" http://bit.ly/aokXSv became aware that I was allowing something that was hurting me to damage me...

As I was reading realized that I'm doing a great job protecting myself from everyone except people I love and are closest to me.
Have no problem standing up for myself and walking away from allowing crazy people to drag me down to their level and then beat me with experience, yet not doing such a great job when it came to loved ones.

So first step became aware, then made a decision to read Randy's post once a day for a month so I keep it fresh on the screen of my Mind and start carving away...

As human beings we were blessed with Intellectual Factors and we have the ability to change anything in our life including Self, Old Beliefs, Habits and Attitude.

And yes it takes time and commitment but we can sculpt exactly the person we want to become...

We do that trough repetition - the exact same way we created all the good or bad Habits and Beliefs we have TODAY.

Please share your experience with us on this topic. How do you deal with something that hurts you?


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