Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How do I change my focus from "THE PROBLEM?"

Replacing Conditioning for SUCCESS!

All Great Leaders have agreed that "We become what we think about"...

So why are there so many people that are extras in their own movie?

Take a little time today and think about the next phrase: To become more successful we must become the Director of our own movie....

But where do we start?

Well, Self development is a great place to start, understanding and guiding Self, letting go of resentment, focusing on finding the "Solution" not focusing on"The Problem" will improve your results faster than anything.

Two of my clients asked me yesterday: "How do I change my focus from THE PROBLEM?" I wake up and I feel down, I'm negative and sad.

Do we agree that we can not solve "The Problem" at the level of "The Problem"? Or that we CAN'T use the same kind of thinking that created the problem to solve the problem! Right?

I think it would be safe to say that we need to change our Attitude.


As we know our Energy is forever moving into form, and we can choose if it's Positive or Negative Form...Everything "Just IS" - it is neither positive or negative until we give it form.

Our Actions are caused by the vibration we are in....an our vibration is caused by the pictures we think to focus on, we bring positive pictures to our Mind we think positive,we feel positive, we ACT based on that vibration.....WE GET POSITIVE RESULTS.

Probably some of you are saying....yes Lorena, easier said than done.
No, it is not but trough repetition can be achieved.

Stradivarius did not become great over night....like all great achievers he became great trough repetition, practice etc.

You see thinking positive, speaking positive, feeling positive, looking for solutions etc. are Habits that we create.

We create them trough REPETITION and PERSISTENCE the same way we created our Old Way of Thinking....

Just think for a minute, It took you your entire life to create the good "Old Conditioning" you've been using up until this point.... you invested a lot of years and energy in it,you have a lot of practice using it, you've put a lot of effort into it right?
The next question I usually get is: Do you mean it's going to take as many years to change it?

No absolutely not, but don't disappoint yourself by expecting to change over night.

There are no prizes for finding negativity .....we must find our positive way in life if we are looking to change the direction we take in life.

The opposite of Courage is not cowardliness it's conformity…..it's just moving with the crowd…doing what everybody is doing, doing what you've been doing your entire life.

So What do you really want in life?

Are you committed to make the changes necessary to achieve it?

Please leave your thoughts below.

To your success.

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