Thursday, August 5, 2010

Habits and Attitude will move you in whatever direction you choose……

Habits and Attitude will move you in whatever direction you choose……

Every time you fall, you can choose to fall forward…
You will bounce back…..maybe not to the same place or to the same you but you will bounce back...

One of the things most of my clients struggle with I find (all of us actually), is letting go of Old Conditioning, old Beliefs that don't serve them any longer, as a matter of fact it actually stops their growth and hurt them everyday.

Please give next phrase a lot of thought!

Don't live with the results of other people's thinking.P. Martinelli

What do I mean by that?

We have been Conditioned to accept many Limitations (we have been dragging some of our past into the Future.

You have the power to control what enters your Sub Conscious Mind, process the new information using some critical thinking and change the Old Conditioning.

Life begins when you are ready……not a minute before and not a minute after. A Sutcliffe

Have you noticed that a lot of people go trough life with what I call "Yes, but" Attitude. They allow past experiences to control their Present and their Future, control the way they feel....Makes me so sad. They don't seam to understand that they are in complete control of how they feel.

Everything other people say or do "JUST IS" is neither good nor bad, you give it Form....and you can give it Positive or Negative Form.

The greatest inspiration can be born from adversity so stay open minded and LEARN, then move on.
Back to balance, back to business and yes back 2 success….
In our next post we will talk about steps to Create a positive, winning ATTITUDE.

Please share your thoughts with us.


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