Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Listen : If you are not tough you'll quite.Weaklings quite.

Listen : If you are not tough you'll quite.
Weaklings quite.

How do I approach each Day!!!

The truth is You have to be involved in a Mission with PASSION otherwise your going to work!
Also You have to be one tough cookie if you are going to win in a big way….
As I very often tell my clients: If it would be easy everybody would be #Successful, everybody would be doing what they love to do most on this planet and actually get payed to do it.

The sad truth is only 1 - 3 people out of 100 do it…

Yesterday alone two people told me how lucky I was that I am my own Boss,that I don't have to be at work by 8 AM, I make my own schedule and how much they would love to feel the way I do about their job.

No man you don't, if you have to tell me about it you are not prepared to do what is required, you've got to be tough if your going to win in A BIG WAY. You have to leave victim hood behind a few times/a day, and when you hit a wall that nearly knocks the daylight out of you.... you must treat it like that was normal.... Wasn't it???? Ha,ha,ha. And very important: learn from your Lesson and keep going.

Oh, and almost forgot to tell you this and if you didn't LEARN YOUR LESSON you'll keep getting the same Lesson until you will learn it...
In any Project there are escape patches…and if U don't weld those escape patches closed I guarantee you'll hit them, you will.

And if your not strong you don't deserve to win. That's about the way it works.

So here's the answer:

What you do with your life is in your hands!!! We should only do what we absolutely love o do. We only have one life to live. This is not a practice run, THIS IS IT.
We don't get a second chance. Give it all you've got, do what your passionate about and do it with all your heart....

P.S. And if you are my client my promise to you is : I will not do my best - I WILL DO WHATEVER IS REQUIRED TO HELP YOU AND ME WIN IN BIG WAY.

To your # SUCCESS

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