Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reshape your Confidence.The SUCCESS ZONE - Is a way of thinking

Reshape your Confidence. The SUCCESS ZONE - Is a way of thinking.

What is Confidence? How do you define Confidence?

For me CONFIDENCE is Belief in myself with every cell of my body.
Believing that I can do and achieve everything I set my mind to. The ability to give myself a command and finding the strength to follow trough. Take full responsibility for my actions and Learn from mistakes. Take Risks and always, always go the Extra Mile.

The ability to take action regardless of the obstacles in my way.
Choosing to always focus on finding the solution in stead of focusing on the problem.

But I think most important, constantly choosing to STEP FORWARD INTO GROWTH instead of stepping back into Safety when a New opportunity to Grow presents itself.

To achieve a New Goal - it's never possible without feeling uncomfortable - Why is that?

Well, to achieve a New Goal means becoming somebody we have never been before, becoming a person with a higher Level of Awareness.

How do you define CONFIDENCE?

Please leave your thoughts below.
May Success come your way in all areas of life.

Lorena Heletea

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