Thursday, October 28, 2010

Success doesn't happen by accident.

Success doesn't happen by accident, you must look for the circumstances you want and if you don't find them YOU MAKE THEM.

Napoleon use to say : Circumstances??? Hell, I make them"
So go out everyday and create the circumstance that are necessary for achieving your next Goal.
There's nothing better than setting and achieving meaningful goals - goals that bring people alive. But you know what is even more fascinating and rewarding? It is the person we become while working towards the big goals, vision, purpose.

Taking responsibility, taking action and recognizing that you can do something about the circumstances you might be in and that it is totally in your hands will take you faster towards where you are going in life.

Most people allow themselves to be overwhelmed and depressed, just blaming the circumstances, blaming everything and everybody and living life like this is a practise run and like they'll be able to come back and do it perfect next time around.

Most people don't understand one thing: "THIS IS IT FOLKS". We've got to give it everything we've got and live life at it's best, enjoying every single day to the fullest.

Understanding self and walking around everyday with peace of mind, knowing that we can totally control and guide our Attitude (Attitude is a composite of Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results) - can not be described, must be felt. Find a Mentor/Coach that will guide you toward that feeling of empowerment.

Success doesn't happen by accident, you must commit to put in time, effort and money to achieve your next worthy Goal.
Commitment is deciding that the price is worth paying for the goal that will e achieved.

Commitment is one of those things, realities that doesn't’t really take hold until is difficult….

Give your Commitment to someone - your Mentor/Coach and ask them make sure you do what you promised you'll do.
Being Committed and accountable to someone - is like an Insurance Policy against failure..

Have a clear understanding that we need to commit to doing what we want in life and if that is really what we want from the core of our being we'll figure out how to do it. And that to achieve bigger goals and to get into a bigger game it takes a Definite Commitment, it never happens by accident.

As you work toward your Big Goals enjoy your Journey of growth and prosperity. I sure enjoy every second.

May only good come your way.


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