Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Endless planning to take.... Action!

Endless planning to take action! Or, I'll do that as soon as....

Do you find yourself in the position where you have lots of aspirations but you are stuck?
You have been planing for the last few years but another year has gone by and you are in the same place as you were last year....

There are many absolutely brilliant people that never take action, they are forever in a confused state.
Do you think it is a Self Image problem? Most probably so.

Our Self Image will dictate every single move we make.

Now you might ask yourself what is Self Image?

Self Image is nothing more than what we believe about ourselves, what we believe we can achieve. And let me tell you something that you really need to know if you ever want to achieve higher results in life. You will never out perform your Self Image.

If you want to improve your results it just makes sense that you have to improve you.

First place to start is Self Development. To be able to guide self trough life one must understand self. All great achievers understand self, they take time everyday to grow as human beings.

Another very important step would be to set a goal that you don't know how to achieve. Goals are to grow, the purpose of a Goal is growth.

You have to go after what you really want. The prerequisite is you got to want it. And if you don't want it the first little bump in the road and you'll quit.So, go after what you really want.

Then I think your goals should be illogical, should be unrealistic, you've got to break trough that logic barrier that is controlled by your paradigm.

Call to Action:
1. Imagine yourself doing all the things you want, go wherever you want, when you want, hanging out with the people you want.

2. Write down How your Perfect Day looks like.

So, spend some time really thinking and writing and we'll pick it up where we left it in our next post.

To your Success.

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