Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Fixed Habit I need to create to achieve my Goal. 90 Day Challenge.

The Fixed Habit I need to create to achieve my Goal. 90 Day Challenge.

To improve Results in any area - be that taking our business to the next level, increase our Sales Performance, Weight loss, Improve our Relationship (s) - we must apply a few New Rules until their application becomes a Fixed Habit of ours.
Sporadic or occasional application of the Rules will be of no value to you.

The Achievement of any New Goal starts with Persistence. Persistence - is the essential factor in Changing/ Improving your Results.
The basis of Persistence is the power of WILL.

We must build an Image of our Goal and keep planting the Image in UR Subconscious Mind until the Image manifest into Form.
In other words forget the past, build a New Image of yourself and buy into it. We buy into it trough repetition, day in and day out.
And let me tell you my friends, that is about the only difference between the very successful and the not so....
The very successful are not any brighter than anyone else, they just learned to do day in and day out what the not so successful are not willing to do.

It is their PERSISTENCE that separates them from the rest.
In our next post we will be talking about our Intellectual Factors and how we can use them to take quantum leaps towards our Goals.

First Intellectual Factor - WILL.

Please share with us any ideas you might have.
Thank you.

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