Tuesday, November 23, 2010

90 Day Self Development Calm, Confident Challenge

90 Day Self Development Calm, Confident Challenge

My life changed dramatically when I decided to improve my own Attitude. Both in business and in my relationships.

You know, staying calm under any circumstance is a choice, self-control is a choice.
As adult, thinking human beings we can make that choice.
First place to start is awarness. In my case I started to be aware that I could do a better job in some areas like : being more patient, more understanding, and most important guiding my own attitude.
As we all know, making a Commitment it's easy, but living into it not so.
To keep a commitment requires daily self development,self study,new information in the area of human potential/ self development, understanding and aplication of the new information.
Studying with and being mentored by one of the most wonderful people on this planet Bob Proctor helped me understand that the only way to get to a more calm, relaxed, peaceful, confident me was trough creating a New Habit and replacing the old habit that was not giving me the results I wanted anymore.
Now the question is : how do we create a New Habit?
And the answer is: trough repetetion just like we created the current habits that we have, some good and some not so good.

The purpose of self-discipline is to build habits. Winners do daily what losers do occasionally as my friend Randy Gage would say.
So, some of the things I expleined above might give you the answer to why so many people fail at keeping a commitmen, any kind of commitment, like New Year resolution for example, or just our simple everyday promisses to ourselves like : I'm never going to do that again...fail.

So in the next 90 Days I will guide you towards improved, calm, confident, patient, more aware you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.
So, to begin find here the page that we will all read, understand and apply.

If you have any questions or if you would like me to expand on a topic please feel free to ask. We are a team.
Please comment bellow.
Today is my first day on WordPress so for now I'll have a post here as well as on Blogger, untill I figure out how to maximize this experience.

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