Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here is the secret to success:  Work like hell!

Here is the secret to success:  Work like hell!

Self Development is becoming more and more my favorite thing to do. And if you frame the definition of Self Development right, you can make everything that happens during any day a Lesson / an opportunity to grow in awareness or as a human being.

A Lesson in what we want to Be or do, or a Lesson on what we don't want to Be or do.
Blaming other people or our circumstances, not taking Responsibility for our Actions, for our thoughts, our Results in all areas of life will just send you around and around in circles your entire LIFE.
We can't change other people. We know that....Right?
The only thing we can change in life is our awareness, how we approach a situation the next time around. In other words taking responsibility and approaching a situation or a person differently next time around.
The question is how do we grow in AWARENESS?

Well, Successful people get it done in one easy step… the extra one!

Study/Learn everyday, take time for Self Development everyday, Practice everyday.

And most important crate NEW HABITS continuously / habits that will take you towards your Purpose, Vision and Goals.

Practice becoming better at what you do both personally and professionally everyday.
Sounds easy enough?Right?
But, if it's so easy WHY most people are not doing it?

You were not Programed to do it "That Way", and a lot of the things you do must be Re-Programed, well that's if you want to improve what you do, improve your life, your success.

Most of us can't do it alone. We need mentors to help us look at thing from a different prospective, help us get out of our Comfort Zone on regular bases, create new habits, stay motivated and taking steps daily.

Call to Action : Make 2011 different, take a Quantum Leap on this beautiful Journey you are on. Life is short my friends, make the best of everyday you've got.


Surround yourself with people that know where they are going in life,people that are going somewhere specifically, find a mentor to get you out of your Comfort Zone daily.

Make a decision to start TODAY you've already waited enough, you've been in the same position in life enough.
Grow , take the extra step my friends.

Share with us your commitment to do better in 2011. What is your first step?


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