Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stop seeing yourself the way you are; start seeing yourself the way you want to be.

Stop seeing yourself the way you are; start seeing yourself the way you want to be.

How fascinating.
While doing some Self Development, practicing some things....that I must improve in(I do actually have some of those) ha,ha,ha, I found myself just part paying attention to what I was doing, while another part of my energy was focussed on worrying about not making a decision on flight to beautiful scuba-diving destination "Corn Island"....

Re-focus Lorena, re-focus! So, I do, just to find myself off track again....Then the fascinating part happens.
This "little voice" said : It's O.K. Lorena, you always figure out how to do it in the end anyways.

Good "little voice"! Supportive, powerful,empowering, building on Self Image. But is this always the case? Am I always empowering myself? You know what mean?
Then I stopped to think: It might be worth making a habit of listening to what I say to myself in other circumstances as well. What do I believe about myself in other areas of life?
You know, our beliefs can make us or break us. Our beliefs can help us move towards our Purpose, Vision, Goals or in the opposite direction, or away from.
It is our BELIEFS that will take us towards higher levels of success in all areas of life.

Call to Action :
Take time today and think, I mean really think.
What are your beliefs? Your core beliefs? The ones that you act on without giving it any thought.
Write it down.

Will pick it up here in our next post and take next step, to replace some of our beliefs that don't serve us any longer.
Please leave your thoughts below.