Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soft Power Leading.

Leading with "Soft Power".....

When you enter a conversation do you expect people to agree with you or you would rather leave people with an impression of increase?
Do you like to grow in awareness , learn from a situation - and by learning I mean sometimes we can learn what to do other times we can learn what not to do, or you would rather keep learning the same life lesson over and over again.
Because you see in life we keep getting "The same" Lesson until we learn it - we can not move to the next level of success or prosperity until we learn the lessons we must learn at the previous level.
Me personally don't write blog post or comments on other posts so I get every one's approval - growth is part of life, growth is part of the journey we are on, growth is going from one goal to another towards our Purpose.

I love reading other people's comments so I can understand and a different point of view, so I can learn a different way of approaching a problem or a goal of mine - a different way of thinking.

Approaching something slightly different next time around will give me different results right? That being the truth I believe it serves me to stay open minded to new ideas and not stuck in the same kind of thinking that created my current circumstance, my current level of success.

I strive to do better this year than I did the previous year and the year before - therefore change is inevitable.

One of the things that changed my life dramatically in the past few years was - learning and understanding more about myself, taking responsibility for my actions, my results my attitude and my own behavior.

Now what has attitude got to do with my results?


A fascinating aspect of self development is I got to the point where by guiding my own attitude towards other people I can guide their attitude towards me....

If you are a Leader, you must understand that you your words will be better heard and understood if you guide people with your own attitude - which I call "Soft Power".

What approach to leading works best for you? What gave you best results?
In my next post I will get into this a little deeper.

Please share your experience with us.
To your Success.

Lorena Heletea

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