Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't wait for others to treat you better, treat yourself better.

Everything you see is a reflexion of your own Mental Attitude towards yourself.

Taking responsibility for your attitude, your behavior and results is probably the most important step on your way to improved Results in all areas of life.

When you focus on the negatives about a person or a situation - you are in the same vibration - in the same energy, that is the reason you notice what you notice about that person or that situation.

Every change in life begins with awareness and responsibility, you can not change your circumstances by blaming anybody or anything. Right?

Don't give your power away. If you blame, you allow others to control how you feel, to control your results in life.
When you blame you loose, you set yourself up for failure.

If I hear people say to me : But you don't understand she or he did this to me, or said this.....
My short answer is : Yes I do understand. But, does that change the situation in anyway? I guess your stuck then, aren't you?

People are so focused on proving how right they are about the situation they are in, they never get of that track, therefore they don't see they have choices.
You do have choices, lots of choices.

If you want to change your results, if you want to be a winner in life you must take responsibility for your actions, for your present results and your present circumstances.

How do you begin?
Ask yourself, what can I do different? How can I change my own attitude?
What beliefs/habits do I need to change? What behavior do I need to change?

Then go out and do it different, take responsibility for your results in life. Don't wait for others to treat you better, treat yourself better.

Empower yourself my friends. First and best victory is to conquer SELF.

How are you doing on that?

Lorena Heletea


  1. Great post, Lorena

    Again, you nailed it. We are all responsible for our own attitude, behavior, and results.

    Thanks for your wisdom and affirmations.

    Paul Sutherland
    aka: @BreakThruGuy

  2. Thank you my friend, as a coach the most rewarding thing in the world is to know you leave everyone with a feeling of increase.
    Growing in awareness everyday is the key to a successful and fulfilling life.
    Thank you for your comment.