Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One cannot get New Results with Old Habits.....

One cannot get New Results with Old Habits.....Period. Do we agree on that?

                       In our previous post  http://ow.ly/1VMgm   we talked about Self Image and how that impacts our results and that the level of success we achieve in our life is directly proportional to the Image we hold of ourselves - our SELF IMAGE.

OK, lets see how to approach this and today we are going to apply the information  to our professional life.

Our Self Image is controlling the direction we take in life.

                  Are you trying to change your RESULTS? 

                  Let me tell you a little Secret: If you don't change the Image you hold of you, your Results are not going to change.

So let's take this little chunks at a time.....

Maxwell Maltz explains - Cybernetics is the science of control and communication found in animal and some machines.

You know it's the Cybernetic mechanism in the thermostat that controls the temperature in your home?If the temp. drops the thermostat will bring it back to where you set it.

Let's take an airplane - the automatic pilot is a Cybernetic mechanism - the pilot sets it and the Cybernetic mechanism keeps the plane on course - any deviation and the Cybernetic Mechanism brings it back on course

The Cybernetic Mechanism in human beings is Our Self Image.


So, we said we will connect today's lesson to our professional life.

Example : If you are a Sales Person selling  $1.000.000 worth of product every year how do you think you can improve your sales when your Cybernetic Mechanism(Self Image) is set to achieve 1 mil.?

Or let's say you are an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business or if you want to interact differently with your colleagues at work how can you do that?

Well the only way is by changing your Self Image first. 

- If you don't change the Image you hold of you, your Results are not going to change because your Cybernetic Mechanism is set to achieve exactly what you are achieving now.

What are your thoughts about this? Please leave a comment below and in our next post we'll talk about steps to change Self Image.....


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