Thursday, June 17, 2010

We tend to compare our weaknesses to other people's strengths..

               We tend to compare our weaknesses to other people's strengths...

                Can you describe your Strengths as well as you can describe your weaknesses? 

To remake your Self Image is to remake your life.

                    Our Self Image can be our biggest support or our most difficult challenge. How do you chose to see yourself?   

Success = Self Image

               So let's see how Self Image will control our Results in all areas of life and how we can use it to better our Results.

Our Self Image was formed by our past experiences.

                     Do You know that the smallest negative incidents(failures) from your past (1,5 10 years ago) can still influence your Results today and 50 years from now if you don't understand how that works and how you can change it?

Is that's what you choose to remember about yourself?

This is actually the reason I'm writing this blog post today.

             A few days ago while asking one of my clients  questions to determine where we are at (where we begin) she described some of her weaknesses with unbelievable accuracy.

             So I said, you know when we  learn how to describe all our strengths with same exact accuracy we are all set.  

You know why?

                It is because when we begin to focus on all our successes, our strengths, victories  - our Self Image starts to change - our feelings, our vibration starts to change and there for our RESULTS start to change. 

Thought = Feelings = Actions = RESULTS 


Your Self Image controls your Mind just a surely as your Mind controls your heartbeat. 

The degree to which you change is in direct proportion to the amount of truth you can accept and the amount of positive change you put into engineering your NEW SELF IMAGE.

Are you ready to change your Results? (financial, relationships, professionally)....

In our next post will take this a little further.

Please share some of your experiences with us.




As an example will take our financial RESULTS. 


  1. Hi Lorena,

    What you say is true in so many cases. From personal experience, the more that positive things are focused on, the greater the feeling of self image. It is only natural for that to be damaged slightly when negative situations do occur but when the choice is there on a daily basis, more people need to choose the positive approach as it is amazing how much the outcome of activity can be influenced by a slight focus of the mind.

    Nice blog.



  2. Thank you Rob, yes we must not let our past influence our future unless it is by our good experiences....we all need a big daily dose of self development- nothing makes a bigger difference in our success that understanding than understanding self and not defining ourselves by our past experiences....