Thursday, June 3, 2010

Self Image - What do you really believe about yourself?





                  The level of  success we achieve in our life is directly proportional to the Image we hold of ourselves - our SELF IMAGE.

             WHAT IS SELF IMAGE?

SELF IMAGE is - what we believe about ourselves, what we believe we can achieve. 

This is all great stuff - but do you know that - we never deviate from this image unless we make a conscious decision to do so.

            We may be inspired to become experts by studying the successes and failures of others.  But we actually BECOME experts when we experience our own successes and thrive through our challenges.

Kenya K

Most people live and die and never fully understand the Power of Image Making.

                           The Image you hold of yourself is a foundation upon your entire personality is built.

                            This Image not only controls your behavior it also control your circumstances as well.

                             "What we believe, we achieve."  or  "The me I see is the ME I'LL BE"

And HABIT can be a Prison. 

What do you believe about yourself? What do you honestly believe you can achieve?

                    Take some time over the weekend and give this some serious thought. Write it down, and in our next Post will talk about some tools that will help you Create The Image of our Self that will help you reach New Levels of Success.

Please share with us your experiences.





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