Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emotional Surgery? Learn to be your own plastic Surgeon!

Emotional Surgery?

Learn to be your own plastic Surgeon!

               We are a composite of hearth-aches and happiness of miss fortunes and good luck ...and we must realize that frustrations are there for us to rise above them and to turn them into a productive force of confidence. 

What is CONFIDENCE?  - is our capacity to rise above a mistake said M Maltz

             For a more successful life we must learn to remove some of our emotional scars within us that we put there ourselves.

Great example of the best plastic surgeon is @Randy_Gage  you can read his phenomenal Blog Post  http://su.pr/2zVevd 

We must learn to be our own plastic Surgeon! M Maltz

How can we do that?

Well, first place to start is to learn about self, understand self and most important to guide self.And we all have the ability to do that.

What do you know about yourself? Make sure you know something very nice about yourself...

             We all have a combination of good and not so good memories, combination of failures and successes and we all have the ability to choose what are we going to focus on when we start our next Project or when we work toward achieving our next Goal or even more frequent when we start each and every day.

                It takes as much effort to remember our successes as it takes to remember our failures. What do you choose for today? 


Us human beings, operate based on our Self Image and we never deviate from that image, we do that in every area of our life, be that in our professional or personal life.

Self Image is - what we believe about ourselves, what we believe we can achieve.

Very Important  - The Results I'm getting today are exactly as the picture I hold of myself....remember one of the good pictures from your past

            So, for today take 5 minutes and remember some of your successes, some of the times you have been a victor.... and write them down.

Please share your thoughts with us.

Next time we'll look at Self Image a little deeper.



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