Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop seeing yourself the way you are; start seeing yourself the way you want to be

Stop seeing yourself the way you are; start seeing yourself the way you want to be.....

               I know, it feels overwhelming but  I can say this to you from my own experience -  chaos, when left alone, tends to multiply....so we absolutely must start creating the Self we want to become. 
                  And don't just sit there and feel like you are a victim of your circumstances... you are not, you have infinite potential. 

                 You are not alone, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, you can't possibly know everything,  you are the best at what you chose to do for a living or what you are passionate about. 
                If you don't know enough about self development(and most people don't) find a mentor, a coach, someone who will bring clarity to your marvelous Mind, someone who will help you get out of your Comfort Zone and help you grow as a human being.

                Someone who will help you set specific goals and help you alter your Self Image -  BECAUSE OUR RESULTS ARE ALWAYS A REFLEXION OF OUR SELF IMAGE.....that is the ONLY  way to achieve Success or better Results in your life (Financial, Health, Relationships).

Really successful people are not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

              You must first see yourself Successful, feel successful, feel good about yourself, believe you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

As Plato would say : The first and best victory is to conquer self. 

For Example : If you are trying to increase your Income without improving your Self Image you are dead in the watter.
You see, because Our Self Image dictates the Results we are getting IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE -  we will never outperform OUR SELF IMAGE...... 

SELF IMAGE = What we believe about Ourselves = What we believe we can achieve 

Next Post we'll take it a little further.....

What do you believe is the most important step in becoming more successful in life?



  1. Very well said. I couldn't agree more.

    Reaching up and climbing the ladder can be intimidating. Do "I" belong??? Sure you do - What you believe you can achieve (Did I read that somewhere?)

  2. Hey Lorena (and all),

    This is a great post! I really think you hit the nail on the head when talking about self-image. I think the most important step in becoming more successful in life is believing that anything is possible and, as my father always says "strive to be better than the person you were yesterday".

    I like to find people media on the internet to help boost their emotional wellbeing. I’ve found a lot of great videos to inspire people to do things such as work out, get homework done, or even calm down when they’re stressed. Here’s a great video that I think you’ll like: http://www.pepfly.com/a/6560 – Jessica’s (quite humorous) daily affirmation…

    Hopefully this helps you - and others - become a better person and see more success in their lives!